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Jayson Keeling

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"Kate, Giselle, Natalia, Agyness, Simon, Kanye and George": PH: Jayson Keeling"Kate, Giselle, Natalia, Agyness, Simon, Kanye and George": PH: Jayson Keeling

Artist and TI contributer has been proselyting for Katherine Bernhardt for a good year and a half now. And with good cause! Here are his exclusive snaps and his personal evaluation of Katherine's latest show at Canada Gallery.



Back in America and thanks to my pal , artist Jayson Keeling I've found a great new American artist to process. Ted Riederer staged a show at the Goff+Rosenthal Gallery in Berlin earlier this year that sparked up a lot of buzz. Titled "Hellas" the show combined two installations. The first feautured a suit of body armor molded from vinyl punk rock records posed in opposition to a pile of skulls molded from records off the 1986 Billlboard Top 200 Chart. The second installation was projected video of Riederer's band "The Ressurectionists" smashing their instruments at a performance. That video was the background to a forground staging of a destroyed drum kit reconstructed in the confines of the gallery. I love the mix of pop colors, comic book antics, music culture and stability of execution on the part of the artist. Its easy to lump Riederer into that group of artists like Adam Helm, Kendell Geers and Banks Violette but I think the accessibility as well as the control of the ideas presented here makes him very unique and quite stand alone.

CURRENT VIEWING: Chiharu Shiota: Waiting: Goff +Rosenthall

Chiharu Shiota: Waiting: Goff + RosenthallChiharu Shiota: Waiting: Goff + Rosenthall

Before leaving NY, you always want to take a deep intake of that Manhattan air before switching channels to another city. A great way to do this is to go off the beaten gallery path and try to find something new. My pal, Jayson Keeling turned me on to this amazing solo show at the Goff + Rosenthall gallery. The artist is Chiharu Shiota and the show is called "Waiting." It has to be encountered in person to be believed. The show runs until March 10th.

CURRENT VIEWING:SETH PRICE: Friedrich Petzel Gallery

Seth Price at Friedrich PetzelSeth Price at Friedrich Petzel

Artist Jayson Keeling is one TI's key tipsters for filtering which shows to see in NY.

Who's Afraid Of Ruffian Arms?

Ruffian Arms at play PH: Jayson KeelingRuffian Arms at play PH: Jayson Keeling

Last weekend when we decided to open up TI and started taking open submissions, little did we know how unruly the result would be. But maybe for a control freak, loss of control can be a sexy thing. Well right now our friends on the scene have been testifying to the messy joy that was a recent gig by the art-band Ruffian Arms TI said "Ruffian Who?' and artist Jayson Keeling broke it down like this.

"The band Ruffian Arms, led by my friend Big Red aka Alison Ward, along with her band mates April Swallows, Dir Rocks Off, Randy Islands, Rosie and Bear Cha Cha have to be seen - to be believed. I am positive, that along with many eardrums, they blew the fucking roof off Fontanas in the East Village last week. The band mixed a potentially lethal stew of free-flowing improv, performance art references, loosely choreographed dance steps and unleashed a sonic barrage that overflowed with plenty of punk noise and bravado. The band mixes genres freely without hesitation or self-consciousness. Imagine Rocky Horror Glam meets busty burlesque by way of Vaudeville and don’t forget to throw in a few cheers (with black pom pom’s no less) with beats and grooves like the ones Debbie and her friends rode 70’s style! You know..back when she did Dallas.


MIssy Rayder: PH: Meisel: Styling: Jason FarrerMIssy Rayder: PH: Meisel: Styling: Jason Farrer

I never thought I'd be reaching back to anything so recent as the work of stylist Jason Farrer as a reference, but here I am. I used to see JJ, as all his mates called him, around the clubs of NY and what I felt was a mixture of awe and envy because he was soooo NY. He wore sharkskin suits to hip-hop clubs and always had the best entourage. Jason Farrer's work was so clever in the way it absorbed all these very urban-Latino street elements and threw them up on the high wall of fashion. There was something of the NY graffiti master to his way of styling , which was to throw outfits together in a way that had a signature "tag" to it. Only JJ could drop it-just-like-that.


The current work of artist El Anatsui : Zebra Crossing: Jack Shainman GalleryThe current work of artist El Anatsui : Zebra Crossing: Jack Shainman Gallery

After the massive success of his showstopping work at the 52nd Venice Biennale, anticipation levels were at maximum for El Anatsui's "Zebra Crossing" show at the Jack Shainman Gallery in NY. That and the recent addition of his piece "Between Heavan and Earth" to the sculpture collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art made this a must-see show. Artist Jayson Keeling had an audience with El Anatsui while the Ghanian-born artist was in NY and here are his photographs that document the experience.

January 4 - February 2, 2008
Jack Shainman Gallery
13 W 20TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10011


Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64thKatherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th

The E. 64th Street Chanel store threw open its doors last Thursday to Katherine Bernhardt and her vivid paintings which filled the luxury emporium from door to column to wall. Katherine's fun circle was out in full force to celebrate including our art correspondent Ghurron Briscoe and fellow artist Jayson Keeling who nabbed these snaps with his mighty Leica. Despite the very strong drinks that night. To see more of this rising painter's work contact Canada, her NY gallery. After the Chanel stamp, Katherine's sure to be sizzling among the fashion industry art heads.

Melissa Levin of LMCC and  artist Jason Irwin at Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th PartyMelissa Levin of LMCC and artist Jason Irwin at Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th Party

Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel /E 64th PartyKatherine Bernhardt at Chanel /E 64th Party

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