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Daphne Guinness


Still from Joseph Lally's 'The Murder Of Jean Seberg" starring Daphne GuinessStill from Joseph Lally's 'The Murder Of Jean Seberg" starring Daphne Guiness

I saw Joe Lally's first film, "The Black And White Maze Of The Painted Zebra" a year ago, on a hot New York summer's day. I remember walking out of that preview screening into a blindingly bright day with a strange feeling of having had my consciousness completely atomized. Viewing a Joe Lally work is precisely the unsettling experience of being plunged headfirst into one man's explosive mindscape. Images collide with ideas which ricochet with sheer propulsive energy against your pre-conceptions to create a whole new way of making, viewing and thinking about cinema. That is the sign not only of important cinema, but more essentially of a great artwork of its time. Over the course of this year, my encounters with Joe has continued to provoke, inspire and challenge me in ways that make me very grateful for our on-going dialogue. On the heels of his massive breakthrough release of " The Murder Of Jean Seberg" at SHOWstudio, I had a brief chat with Joe around some of the questions this ground-breaking film provoked.

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