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Jamie Morgan

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Grace Wales Bonner:  Photographed by  the legendary Jamie Morgan  for Spur JapanGrace Wales Bonner: Photographed by the legendary Jamie Morgan for Spur Japan

It's been 10 years of contributing to Spur Japan. Which made this sitting with lovely Grace Wales Bonner the perfect way to cap off a decade of collaboration. As a kid reading The Face I used to worship at the altar of Jamie Morgan's photography for the Buffalo Collective styled by Ray Petri. And now here's Grace, the new generation's beacon of integrity standing up in Jamie's light. It was a transcultural joy to work with all involved.

Wayne Sterling: Thanks Grace, for taking time out from putting your next collection together to talk to Spur.
Grace Wales Bonner: Well thank you for the invitation and for being up up so early for this. I've been

Reference Library:The Buffalo Soldiers: Pt 2: Ray Petri

Image from The Face styled by Ray PetriImage from The Face styled by Ray Petri

We took an earlier look at the work of ex-Buffalo member, Judy Blame. Now Max , one of our fashion correspondents weighs in wonderfully on the legacy of Buffalo's founder, Ray Petri.

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