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Get into the kaledescopic Katja Rahlwes experience at into the kaledescopic Katja Rahlwes experience at

"Anything that triggers you to take a picture is a creative and personal decision . That is the moment that you're saying, I need that . I need to see more of that. This is what I've been looking for and no one else could give it to me . That's what makes your work specific. That's how people can recognize your work."

Katja Rahlwes in a conversation with TI


Elite's Daul Kim is looking like the new model ideal these daysElite's Daul Kim is looking like the new model ideal these days


Fiorucci ImageryFiorucci Imagery

It is right there beneath the surface. Whenever TI looks at the kids on the streets these days with all that color clashing, all that kitsch all that vibrancy we feel the tremors of a Fiorucci comeback. Founded in 1967 in Italy by Elio Fiorucci to bring the style of Swinging London to young Italians, the New York off-shoot of the shop (in Bloomingdale's) during the 1980's saw the likes of Marc Jacobs and a young Madonna and ID mag's Terry Jones, gallivanting through the premises. You could fully sense the influence that Fiorucci aesthetic had on the early imagery of these generation-defining mavericks. Early Madonna was a walking Fiorucci pastiche and the early Marc Jacobs exhibited a penchant for kitsch that he later refined into a kind of jaded irony as he grew older. Also cruise any of the first 15 issues of ID magazine online and you'll see color strategies and graphic design motifs straight out of Fiorucci.
How NY needs a store like that once more! The amount of failed "Colette's" clogging the retailscape of NY cries out for correction. The Fiorucci comeback attempt of the late 90's was the wrong time and the wrong place but TI is convinced that if the brand doesn't sense its moment, a hundred imitators are about to raid its archives and make bank on all those fun ideas. Keep your eyes on those SS09 runways and you'll see what we mean.

The Week IN HISS: A NEW Landscape

"Agyness Is The Girl Of The Decade" Steven Meisel in ID Magazine:  PH:Terry Richardson for ID May 08 via TFS"Agyness Is The Girl Of The Decade" Steven Meisel in ID Magazine: PH:Terry Richardson for ID May 08 via TFS

I hadn't left NY is almost two months which was quite unusual as the big grinding machine that is Gotham usually has me ground out after a three week cycle. But now that Spring is clearly here, I find myself running through the city streets excited, invigorated and stimulated. (Literally!) I love how the new kids are dressing now in those clashing colors, in that skintight silhoutte, with all that generation/seperating bravado. I see more eccentricity, daring and individuality than I have seen in a long time. I love Agyness Deyn , I love all these exciting new bands and DJ's bursting out of not only America and England but also from Germany, Canada, France and Australia. I love how much information you can glean from Google/MySpace/Facebook/Youtube and I love that every entrepreneur large and small gets into the viral marketing of that. In other words I love the time I'm living in, the late Zeroes.

Speaking of Cutting Up!

U Mag and its Apropriation IssueU Mag and its Apropriation Issue

TI LOVES what the kids at U Mag are giving on the visual tip. Its post-Jamie Reid's ransom graphics (Think Sex Pistol) meets iD magazine's signature fonts , familiar but...within the times. Thanks Fabien of the audacious for the tip off!

The Hiss Squad Style Scan

Natasa Vojnovic: Women: PH: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin:V 48Natasa Vojnovic: Women: PH: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin:V 48

It's almost December which means all the big SS08 camps are pretty much wrapped, all the blue chip fashion covers are spoken for and all that is left to do over the next two weeks is Art Basel Miami Beach, Christmas shopping and holiday partying until you start to loathe champagne. But that doesn't mean that there are not still ch-ch-changes abrew. Like today' s text scoop. "Natasa-Vojnovic-Now-At-Women". Ah Natasa. The last time we saw her we got into a hoop jumping competition with Miss V. TI's jaws dropped at her uhmmm...flexibility. Legendary that one....Also this weekend in London ID magazine will be shooting its "New Supermodels" issue. So this is the new modelwatcher's assignment. Draft up a list of the girls who you think will be declared "New Supermodels" by ID and drop your vote as to who you think will be nailing that coveted cover. Everytime a dedicated modelwatcher gets a girl right, TI will answer your post with a "Confirmed" response....And had a sit down today at New York Models with the brilliant Sunniva, who dipped into NY for an exclusive swirl of requests this week. She's got a Master's degree in Molecular Biology, a beautiful little baby girl and is still one of the coolest faces in modeling right this sec. TI LOVED that late 90's generation of Audrey/Erin/Karen/Sunniva/Guinivere and felt a bit like a model groupie talking with this definitive cool girl.Stay tuned for an exclusive peek tmrw morn at MDC/OTM.


Matthew Stone: PH: Terence Koh: ID Magazine Dec 07Matthew Stone: PH: Terence Koh: ID Magazine Dec 07

Matthew Stone is 6' 3" which has made this flamboyant showman/shaman an even more imposing presence on the New London art/music/fashion circuit. He takes photographs, served (in every sense) as the resident DJ at Boombox, is obsessed with Michael Jackson and has become a highly hyped artist of the minute . His partners in crime include artist Terence Koh and designer Gareth Pugh and his parties, outfits, art happenings and publicity stunts has made him a one man cult. Is he worth collecting? Mr. Stone was included in a fantastic group show at 10 Rooms and a Sculpture Garden last year and given his network of contacts (ID mag is pushing him hard) it is only a matter of time before the make-or-break collectors engage his work. Besides a little riffing on venerable Renaissance paintings always turns somebody on.

The Shaman, The Monk and The Fool: Matthew StoneThe Shaman, The Monk and The Fool: Matthew Stone

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