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Well there's been some lively debates about what some of my contacts in the modeling industry consider to be model bashing on my part. But I'm not trying to beat down the current crop of girls, I'm just praying for a girl to come along who is passionate about her job, excited by the clothes and photography and commited to giving a memorable moment. Case study? Shalom Harlow working a great great fashion moment, the SS 99 McQueen. Look at all the drama she gets into when the robot arms come at her. Modeling is a VERB afterall!

Inez And Vinoodh :An On Line Resource

Shalom Harlow: PH: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin: Purple Magazine Vollume III, Issue 8Shalom Harlow: PH: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin: Purple Magazine Vollume III, Issue 8

I've been trying to sort out the fate of "Pretty Much Everything, Volume One" the massive Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin monograph that covers 20 years of their photography. It was supposed to have been published in January of 2007 by 7L , but a year sign. The infamous opening at the Matthew Marks Gallery (The Now People Part 2: Life on Earth.) certainly whetted a lot of appetites. My hissers tell me the Matthew Marks nation had never seen that much drama, status coats and statements handbags in years upon years. Other than that, hopes for a catching a comprehensive chronicle of the late 90's work of Inez and Vinoodh are scant, that is unless you visit the page that hosts several brilliant examples of their images of 10 years ago. This is where the commercial machine of Inez and Vinoodh had first started revving via the work for the Balenciaga campaign, Visionaire and V. There are brilliant glimpses of how past exhibitions of the work has been staged at as well as 926 archival images at In any case if you know the story on the glitch RE: Pretty Much Everything, hiss it here. An anoynmous poster had given us a wondeful update on the whereabouts of I+V's Art and Commerce agent. Might that well informed tipster know something?

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