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Richard Prince

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Current Viewing: Wall to Wall: Carpets by Artists, organized by MOCA Cleveland.

Top Center: Richard Prince, 1-234-567-8910, 2013 Hand knotted rug, Himalayan wool & silk, 150 knot, Free-formTop Center: Richard Prince, 1-234-567-8910, 2013 Hand knotted rug, Himalayan wool & silk, 150 knot, Free-form

The exhibition studies some of the best contemporary art through the lens of

Current Viewing: “The Spook Rock Rd”: Galerie Frank Elbaz (Paris)

Compelled by the Kaz Oshiro (far right).Compelled by the Kaz Oshiro (far right).

"Legend says people can still hear their screams in the woods along Spook Rock Road and that moonlight still casts the shadows of the murdered lovers. Some people say they can hear their screams in the woods along Spook Rock Road."


Chris Burden: Big Pointy # 1: 2006Chris Burden: Big Pointy # 1: 2006

There is something to be said about viewing a show that highlights some of the most iconic pieces in contemporary art history. This show includes work by Richard Avedon, Richard Prince, Douglas Gordon and my emotional favorite, Chris Burden. Oh that infamous bullet!


Kinga: IMG: Rick Owens: Fall/Winter 2008 via style.comKinga: IMG: Rick Owens: Fall/Winter 2008 via

When designers reference heavy duty artists the results can sometimes be...well..gauche. Take the waltz for SS 08 between Richard Prince and Louis Vuitton. It was very clever and layered in the shrewdness thereof. It was visually witty, commercially astute, beautifully image managed but also it was literal. Richard Prince's nurses begat Louis Vuitton nurses. Prince's babe on a hot rod...translated to LV's supermodels on a hot rod. Literal is not always a bad thing but it does lessen the possibilities of prolonged looking.


Helmut Lang: Journal Gallery exhibitionHelmut Lang: Journal Gallery exhibition

10 years from now, when all things Zeroes are dredged up in the spirit of ironic retro, will they look at the decade's sustained fusion of art and fashion and giggle? Or will the union of the two most compulsive by-products of late capitalism spawn a deadly serious new hybrid, one with an unnatural long life? It is certainly starting to look that way recently with virtually every fashion publication worth its pulp splicing in a heavy dose of "art" to keep the pages crisp and current.

Every time I read the New York Times' T Magazine or their freshly launched blog "The Moment", I'm driven to think that fashion is nothing without art these days. If it weren't for V Magazine's front section I'd have no compass to track the dizzing cross-traffic of hot emerging young artists. W Magazine's art issue is the most obvious case in point. 07's issue didn't have the added sexy of 06's "Making Of Richard Tuttle/Mario Sorrenti" DVD but it did have the au courant Richard Prince covers. Surely you collected them all. Put them in a vitrine and one day you might position yourself as the next feted conceptual artist. Or as a purveyer of blue chip vintage fashion magazines. God bless Dennis Freedman.

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