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Paris nightlife

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PARIS DIARY: The Ritz Twist , Drama At Montana and Maximum Maxim

I-phone face off between TI and HugoI-phone face off between TI and Hugo

It is a hard blow when a door-person doesn't know you, doesn't get you and doesn't care. It' s harder still when as a doortrix it's your first night ruling Montana, the boite is jammed packed and then you proceed to tell Angela Lindvall, "Sorry but we are at capacite' . There iz nothing I can do. Perhaps you go to smoke a cigarette... come back in 20 minutes...30 minutes" . Welcome to Paris shade and TI sat ringside last night for the shadiest door scene in all Paris so far this season. But fear not... this shady story has a happy ending.

Paris Nights: The Messiness begins.

After last night's long and freezing defile at Yohji , The Hiss Squad decamped to Le Ceasar

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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