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The Amazing , The Audacious Agyness Deyn!

Agyness Deyn is looking very supermodel ! Image via frillr.comAgyness Deyn is looking very supermodel ! Image via

God bless Agyness Deyn. I won't name any names but when you Q+A models for a living, that occupation can sometimes be challenging. Some girls are so young and so sweet, they say little. Not Agyness Deyn. The Mancunian icon is the single best model interview I ever did in my life. This was a Q+A we did last summer (it was a blazingly hot day in NY) at Superstudio Industria for a Spur magazine cover story that was being shot at the time. Forgive some of the references to clubs now defunct (Misshapes, Boombox) but I just wanted you to get the unedited Agyness Deyn experience. I wish you could hear her voice while we spoke. I laughed throughout the entire conversation because of that mad and adorable accent. She looked like this cute little anime figure with her blonde shock of hair standing on end like she had an electric current running through her. Agyness' vivid eyes twinkled with fun and mischief throughout the whole talk. After being stunned by her veeeery soigne and sophisticated SS08 Armani/Samsung ads as seen on I thought it would be lovely to pull her tapes out of the archives. Here's the amazing and audacious Agyness Deyn on the record about her back story, her personal style and her plans for the future. The tape started rolling just as I was telling Aggy about the joy of growing up in NY.

TI:Its such a big city you can get a whole spectrum of experiences from it.
AD...and then again I think its so small in a way. I think , like you hang out in certain areas

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