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Eye Candy du Jour

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EYE CANDY DU JOUR: @Dylan.f.brooks


Let me direct your gaze over to the IG for

Current Reading: CARNET de VOYAGES By Lulu Delafalaise.

Photographed by Lulu DelafalaisePhotographed by Lulu Delafalaise

The discovery of emerging photography talent via Monste

GOOD AFTERNOON @christopher.kadima

Chris /The Image . Photographed by Brian Jamie.Chris /The Image . Photographed by Brian Jamie.

Please meet Mr. Kadima...Model | Actor | Filmmaker. From Paris France

Mr Kadima: Photographed by Rick Day

Christopher Kadima photographed by Rick Day.Christopher Kadima photographed by Rick Day.

Please meet Mr Christopher Kadima, the young French basketball player


Alex/Mix  by Joseph Lally. Styled by Matthew EllenbergerAlex/Mix by Joseph Lally. Styled by Matthew Ellenberger

Photographer and filmmaker Joseph Lally, challenges the borders of fashion with his Tumblr based publication lallypopmagazine. In this new editorial with Mix's Alex Ciaparra, Lally plays digital gloss against real-life sensuality, polishes up the "instant" with a few well positioned luxury accessories and takes on the lingering taboo against full-frontal nudity in fashion.

Digital is supposed to be the wild field of creative freedom... (I mean have you seen what the kids are up to on Vine?) ... but fashion still needs its red bar against too much reality. But what a very good tone of red Joseph employs. More post-jump.

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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