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Peter Hujar

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Current Viewing: Greer Lankton: Love Me: Participant Inc: (NYC) : Until Dec 21st 2014:

A minor scandal erupted over the nude photo of Greer that graced  Mattress Factory's 1996 exhibition  poster.A minor scandal erupted over the nude photo of Greer that graced Mattress Factory's 1996 exhibition poster.

PARTICIPANT INC is honored to present Greer Lankton, LOVE ME, an exhibition organized in cooperation with the Greer Lankton Archives Museum (G.L.A.M.). This is the first major New York solo exhibition of Lankton (1958-1996) since her death. Representing the scope of Lankton’s work with nearly 100 of Lankton’s dolls, photographs, and works on paper, LOVE ME is structured by a selection of photographs by friends and peers including Nan Goldin, Timothy Greenfield- Sanders, Peter Hujar, Eric Kroll, Zoe Leonard, Paul Monroe, Daryl-Ann Saunders, Kate Simon, and Geoff Spear; films by Joyce Randall Senechal and Nick Zedd; as well as ephemeral material.


Brilliant idea for a swimwear shoot no?Brilliant idea for a swimwear shoot no?

Remember that Vogues Hommes issue highlighted by black and white photographs from the 70's of Brazilian men at the beach in Rio?


Wall Street luxury condos rise defiantly despite...Wall Street luxury condos rise defiantly despite...

Down in New York's Financial District these days it's like the reverse of the Soho 70's


Susan Sontag; PH: Peter HujarSusan Sontag; PH: Peter Hujar

Thanks to that infamous Anthony and The Johnsons album cover, an entire generation knows that particular image of Candy Darling on her deathbed snapped by Peter Hujar. But equally compelling for me is his iconic image of Susan Sontag, a shot that has become a signature representation of the peerless American intellectual. At Matthew Marks there is a show of 31 of Hujar's "East Village" photographs, shot between 1969 and 1985 and it shows that the range of that work allows you to process a wider spectrum of his work as landmark. That was what struck me about the pictures...the absolute individualism thereof. There is a united identity and artististic strategy but the life of each and every subject before the camera burns off the film with otherworldly prescience. Windows of the soul indeed. If there is only one show you see this month, this is absolutely the one.

Peter Hujar@Matthew Marks
523 West 24th Street
March 15–April 26

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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