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Black Pussy

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Briscoe's Art Beat

Mr. Briscoe's selection of current doings on the NY gallery sceneMr. Briscoe's selection of current doings on the NY gallery scene

TI's art correspondent Mr. Briscoe (our man on the gallery scene) was very busy this weekend. Here is his short report on the stops he made while gallery-crawling. For the full version of the above collage, click on the image then choose the "original" option. If anything catches your eye, it would be fun for you to check it out yourself.

We started at a group show at Thrust Project. At Thrust Lisa Hamilton give space and dimension a mood with neutral colors... Elizabeth Cooper's abstract painting spoke volumes with style and design...Guild & Greyshkul offered a defiant group show full of outlaw attitude...Amanda Ross-Ho DEFIES!...Smith& Stewart's Kerstin Bratsch & Adole Roder gave me a kind of sexual healing!
Squaring the Circle which was a two day private group show in Williamburg/ East Bushwick and was curated by Summer Gunthery...Jeffery Lopez showed skill with minimalist design... Jason Rhodes Black Pussy kept me hip at David Zwirner Chelsea... Richard Tinkler displays dexerity with his solo show of paintings and drawings at Sunday Gallery.
...Josh Tonsfeldt spiritual journey was a "resistance" to Oliver Stone's classic, "Platoon . Kurt Kauper from Deitch project out classed Tom of Finland! Solange Umutoni is a true art patron, you will see her around! Goddess Chloe took me to Brazil at Visionaire Gallery. NY certainly is a treasure trove right now for young art lovers!

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