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CURRENT (RE) READING: HALSTON: Edited by Steven Bluttal, text by Patricia Mears : Phaidon

The cover of Phaidon's redux of it's iconic Halston volumeThe cover of Phaidon's redux of it's iconic Halston volume

Again? You would think by now the Halston archives have been exhausted unto dust. I mean Tom Ford truly mined that seam so deeply for his Gucci redux that you imagine all the kids already have THAT Halston tome, with that other cover. So what could be so compelling about this re-issue?

The cover, frankly speaking.

There is a dream wrapped up in this image. So 70's nocturnal. Minimal but hedonistic. A reductive vocabulary of high glamour. The very mythology of hi-rise living. This is a woman dressed to climb lean, so lithe so linear. Back then, it seems, chic people had a style synonymous with their modernist landscape.

Designers don't dress you for high rises anymore, though a slew of glass boxes have gone up all over Manhattan in the past 10 years. The new glass boxes have not emitted a new urban dress code. Yes you can dress for the clubs and the streets and the gutters and the boƮtes .

And you can dress for the galleries and the circuit that runs in one flat line from New York to London to Berlin to Paris to Shanghai to Tokyo to Moscow, wrapping itself right back to Los Angeles. But where are the designers who dress you for that penthouse perfection, for the drop dead, deadpan chic of modern duplexes. Where's that far glimmer of high glamour?

On the cover of Phaidon's redux of it's iconic Halston volume apparently!

Taste is a dictatorship.


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