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A Directional Gap

The most expensive girls in the most reasonable clothes. Very Gap!The most expensive girls in the most reasonable clothes. Very Gap!

The hiss was so good I had to close the door and keep a poor girl waiting at a casting . "Primadonna!" chided her agent. No, it wasn't that. It was just that the hiss required all my powers of concentration to remember the particulars. The principals of this fashion tale are Joe McKenna and Karl Templer, styling kingpins of the moment. Last time we invoked Mr Templer on these pages it was to morse code over the wires that he had flitted from styling the FW 08 Calvin show to take on the Gap presentation. Well that sounded cool. If there's anybody who can make something of a white shirt, a pair of khakis and an inexpensive ribbon belt, it would be Karl Templer. No snobbery there. I come out of grunge so live for and still love a nothing moment in personal dress. A nothing T-shirt and nothing jeans and a hanging belt and a slouch and a cigarette. 100% CK1 circa 1995. The Gap is a great brand. If it were a magazine it would be genius for the way it intermixed celebrities and chic new models. Everybody's been to The Gap, including Mr Meisel. Remember the "West Side Story" musical wit of the early Zeroes TV spots. It's great, this idea of putting a directional fashion veneer over a mass market brand. It requires a lot of discipline to do that. What thickened the plot was the prior presence of Mr Joe McKenna at The Gap. He's been doing a bang up job, bringing personality and perversity to those inexpensive and utilitarian American basics. So that was what made the hiss so good. The whisperer contends that Karl wants the Gap account account lock, stock and barrel. They allege he has a vision, a very Creative Director kind of vision of what The Gap could be.
"But The Gap over Calvin!" I cried cause I couldn't comprehend it.
"You must understand, darling," said my well spoken spy. "That The Gap is loads upon loads of money. It's an empire. It's got sales figures that mean hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. H& M, Top Shop. Its the future of fashion darling. Ask Ronnie Newhouse!".
"Wow. So that's what happens when you grow up !"
"A man cannot live by editorial alone! You have to remember Karl is a businessman. He's organized and he's relentless," she assured.
"Ok baby girl. We'll see. I can't wait to see the vision for the presentation. I can't wait to see the direction for hair, make-up and casting. I expect to see something cool and clean and swept back, with not a hair out of place. The most expensive girls in the most reasonable clothes. God bless Americans!"
So the big question , after the dust settles on the presentation, will be whether Karl will slide back over to Calvin for the campaigns while Joe keeps the sheen going over at Gap? The Hiss Squad has their hydra eyes on the runways and their noses on the fence in suspense. Speaking of which, where did Inez and Vinoodh's agent over at Art & Commerce bolt off to. If you know, hiss my way please!

Taste is a dictatorship.


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