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TI Preview: Magazine: Issue #2

Nadja Bender backstage at Lanvin.  Photo by Nick Waplington.Nadja Bender backstage at Lanvin. Photo by Nick Waplington.

Loving Nadja Bender (backstage at Lanvin ) on the cover of the upcoming magazine. And the issue sounds like its bursting with too juicy sound bytes. Take this choice one from Alber Elbaz "³I always say I cannot work with bitches; they block my creativity". Keep it real Alber, keep it really real. Here are some other highlights of the new issue, on newstands April 2 :

In this turbulent season of rumors, firings and hirings, magazine Issue 2 emphasizes that the fashion world is, above all, still about the individual people involved, especially the creativity and talent of the designers ­ even as the industry becomes more and more corporate. This editorial thread is predominantly shown through its feature stories on 3 designers at different stages of their careers:

* Joseph Altuzarra, (The Breakout): . He is now walking on a tight rope, hoping to make it, and all signs are pointing that he will. As he finds and defines his voice, he talks about his influences and what it means to be Altuzarra.

* Georgina Chapman, (The Artiste): She lets us join her on final Oscar fittings for Stacy Kiebler, getting ready herself, and attending the show with husband Harvey Weinstein. Georgina discusses the inception of the label after a chance encounter with legendary stylist Isabella Blow, how she has embraced celebrity dressing but does not use her husband to push his actresses to wear Marchesa, that it takes Harvey two minutes to get ready for the Oscars, and what she takes with her to the Oscars (cash is a must to purchase a turkey sandwich at the bar). She also reveals that Kiebler was actually all set to wear another Marchesa dress (we have the photo of her being fit into it) until Kiebler¹s real favorite from Marchesa¹s show at
NYFW in February arrived in LA the night before the Oscars.

* Alber Elbaz, (The Dreamer) : is with Alber from fittings, to rehearsal, to show, after-party and finally reflecting on the season and his career a few days after. Alber opens up to us like he has never before and his quotes alone make this issue special. A few are below (there are so many to choose from!):

"I always say I cannot work with bitches; they block my creativity."

* On the turbulent season full of hirings, firings and rumors: *

"Que sera, sera and what will be, will be. I have never sang in my life and I will never sing again. That is the only reason I was singing. I wanted to dedicate this song to all of the designers in the world and their mothers, to their dreams. Then I wanted to dedicate it to all of the people in the audience, to all of the people who helped me realize my dream. So que sera, sera and what will be, will be"

* On being supplanted at Yves Saint Laurent by Tom Ford despite being handpicked by Yves Saint Laurent himself*
" As I say to people, I was never just Alber from Saint Laurent, and I an not Alber from Lanvin. I am Alber, period. That¹s why I might have been hurt, but I was not dead. It didn¹t kill me."

* After reflecting on his 10th anniversary collection*:
"I do not believe in myself. I had this anxiety attack last night before the show, after the rehearsal. I almost fainted. I hated everything. I closed the door and I was miserable. I did not want to sing. All of a sudden everything seemed wrong, I did not know whether it was right to end this way. I was so unhappy about everything. Even when I look at it now from the perspective of 12 hours, I still don¹t like it. If I did love it all, I wouldn¹t go
anywhere. The fact that I don¹t like it, that I can only see the mistakes, how it could be better, that is the only reason I go to the studio the next day."

Giorgio Armani also reveals that "I very much wanted to be an actor." And specifically, he would have liked to have been Paul Newman. He later says, " I could say I¹m unsatisfied. It¹s quite dramatic what I just said, but there¹s nothing that satisfies me. Obviously, for those who follow me and work along with me, this is not easy to deal with."

Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld also talk about their upcoming book on Chanel¹s Little Black Jacket ­ photos shot by Karl and styling by Carine.

In the Q&A with them, some great quotes came to life: ³Carine, when did you first see a Chanel jacket?²
CR: ³The first Chanel jacket that I saw ­ that I knew was Chanel ­ was on TV. It was on Mrs. Kennedy ­ the pink one.²
KL: ³In 1963. It was a fake, a line-by-line copy by Cassini. She did have real Chanels, [but] her sister ordered them. We have all the proof.²

KL on the decline of Coco Chanel: "...[in her later years] she thought everything was vulgar. What lost her was when she said jeans and miniskirts were vulgar. That made her demode, and suddenly nobody wanted her anymore. If there¹s a trend as strong as jeans and miniskirts were in the sixties and you say it¹s horrible, that means you¹re from another era, and that¹s what happened to her."

KL later said on the house of Chanel: " The collections from the mid-sixties to the seventies were quite ecchh. Then they had ten years of respect, for what it¹s worth, then the rest"

Other Issue 2 highlights include trend reporting, illustrations by Michael Roberts, Tommy Ton¹s street style photos, JW Anderson showing us his London pad , inside fabulous Milanese apartments, Q&As with artist Juergen Teller and Carla Sozzani and of course the popular top 10 lists:

*Top Show (as voted by readers) - Chanel is #1
*Top Collection (as determined by editors) - Alexander McQueen is #1
*Top 20 Party Animals -­ Francesco Vezzoli & Miuccia Prada are #1
*Top 10 Shoes- ­ Proenza Schouler has the #1 pair
*Top 10 Bags -­ Fendi is #1
*Top 10 Jewelry -­ Kimberly McDonald is #1
*Top 10 Models- ­ Liu Wen is #1
*Top 10 Best Dressed -­ Caroline de Maigret is #1
*Top 10 Beauty Moments ­ -Bad Romance is #1

Taste is a dictatorship.


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