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MIssy Rayder: PH: Meisel: Styling: Jason FarrerMIssy Rayder: PH: Meisel: Styling: Jason Farrer

I never thought I'd be reaching back to anything so recent as the work of stylist Jason Farrer as a reference, but here I am. I used to see JJ, as all his mates called him, around the clubs of NY and what I felt was a mixture of awe and envy because he was soooo NY. He wore sharkskin suits to hip-hop clubs and always had the best entourage. Jason Farrer's work was so clever in the way it absorbed all these very urban-Latino street elements and threw them up on the high wall of fashion. There was something of the NY graffiti master to his way of styling , which was to throw outfits together in a way that had a signature "tag" to it. Only JJ could drop it-just-like-that.

Dutch Magazine: Fur Issue: PH: Alex Cayley: Styling: Jason FarrerDutch Magazine: Fur Issue: PH: Alex Cayley: Styling: Jason Farrer

JJ once did a story for Dutch magazine. It was for their 'Fur" issue. I was walking down Bleecker Street, having just bought the issue in a magazine store. I opened up to Farrer's edit , flipped thru, picked up my mobile called my pal, photographer Jayson Keeling and said "I just saw something so genius I want to vomit:" The handling of the details of that story had Jason Farrer's name on everybody's lips. Via Louis Chabon, the buzz reached Meisel who booked JJ for some shoots for Vogue Italia . The results were always very extravagant and flamboyant, but sometimes a little messy, the one thing Meisel's aesthetic is not. But I really enjoyed the off-ness that JJ brought to those pages; that indelible New York-ness. It's in the sunglasses worn on the back of Missy Rayder's head in these snaps, and the rails carved into the side of her head. Veeeery NY Latin messenger boy, except wrapped up in luxe fabrics and rich furs. Which is actually, very Bronx on a winter's day if you think about it.
In any case I miss seeing JJ's work in the big glossies. If he ever does a retrospective book I'd buy it. He's currently repped by Defacto. He would be fun to book for something big. I suspect a cool young editor or two might come across this post. Think back to the imaging JJ did for Marilyn Manson if you doubt his vision and versatility. In the meantime I'm hunting down back issues of the Spin magazines that he was style editor for, as well as all his Vogue Italia work and of course a mint copy of that Dutch "Fur" issue. My original copy is a bit torn up. Or as they say on the streets on NY..."tore up!"

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