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Elise Crombez photographed by Michel Comte For Viva! Moda!Elise Crombez photographed by Michel Comte For Viva! Moda!

While in Warsaw last month I made an acquaintance with this brave new title, Viva spearheaded by an audacious young fashion editor, Agnieszka Scibior . While having a tea with Viva's production co-ordinator Sara Marcysiak in the very Old World cafe at Hotel Bristol I gleaned that Viva is intent on impacting all the major fashion markets from London to Paris back to New York. The new issue of Viva with its triple cover of Magdalena, Tasha Tilberg and most intriguingly of all Elise Crombez is a serious piece of ammunition regarding that ambition. Model mavens have been praying for seasons for that magnificent Elise comeback. Well the girl on this cover certainly looks as fashion relevant and camera savvy as ever. Score one for Viva.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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