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An American Beauty: Brittany

Brittany@Women during her "walk" sessionBrittany@Women during her "walk" session

Pristine + lithe = fashion perfect!

I love how agencies get

I love how agencies get these girls all these old school band t shirt to make it seem as if this young girl actually listens to this type of music.. trying to create personality and make her seem like the coolest person in the world

Why does this have to be so forced, why cant the girls just wear what they want and be natural?

When a girl actually has personality, she is told not to say too much at the go sees/ castings because they will find her too commercial. Its just a shame, this is the main reason why there are no more Lindas, Naomis or Chritys. All we have are these blank tadpoles... :/

So true!

Seriously? I'm with the same mother agency as this girl, and she weighed about 10 pounds more 2 months ago. They made her up to seem so "high-end", "edgy", and "expensive". She's from suburban Michigan like me. The first time I met her she was wearing Hollister.

LOVE YOU BRITT! Congrats on that CK exclusive!

I totally agree. It kills

I totally agree. It kills charisma and makes them look like a bunch of pubertal wannabe hipsters. xm

Taste is a dictatorship.

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