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Didn't Mr Ford once say his business ideal is to build  a brand with the quality of a Chanel or a HermesDidn't Mr Ford once say his business ideal is to build a brand with the quality of a Chanel or a Hermes

To all those 10 figure entities out there looking to buy into a mint fresh luxury brand here's a tip. TI has it on very good authority that the red hot Tom Ford company is currently scanning the field for financing. Consider the property: full on fragrance business churning away, menswear crackling along with a distinct relevancy and the recently launched womenswear line still basking in the hype of one of the best marketed launches ever. And didn't Mr Ford once say his business ideal is to build a brand with the quality of a Chanel or a Hermes. It is a rare proposition.

Tom Ford

I cant wait to see whats to come from Tom Ford. I love his vision and the the breath of fresh air he brings to fashion.

Tom Ford Company currently seeking financing

Here we go again, everyone falling for Ford and nobody looking at the books. Wasn't the Gucci sell off lesson enough? He squanders left and right, cares only about celebrity styling and porn marketing and what remains is forgettable fashion. He dosn't have anything nearly iconic like the Chanel camelia or tweed, the Hermes Saddle and orange color. Everything he designed where short lived banalities with sex appeal. But Aberchrombie and Fitch did that already, just cheeper and younger. Long way to go, too long to invest.

Hello! What cave did you

Hello! What cave did you hide in all season? Tom Ford has been rejecting the celebrity aspect and the gucci porn aspect in every interview since that September show. It's like he saying he wants to dress really rich and stylish women. Although it's true . There wasn't a single new idea in that collection. It did look like a vintage store in Beverly Hills putting its stuff on the runway.

your comment"what cave did you hide in all season?"

Anonymous, you are on the money. Not to mention the snotty comments Ford made about the size of americans and brits. He claims to be cutting for the far east. As we write this, the guy is on the down low. The new buff boys , Garung, Altezzara are the new gay icons. It's not about design at all. It's marketing. Even Jacobs took off his clothes for his own ads last year. He could smell it.

This is quality cunt in the

This is quality cunt in the flesh... He is worth the money, every last cent

Taste is a dictatorship.

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