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032c : Brings It To Boiling Point

Methinks  032c in issue No 20 just leapt to the head of the class as a defining magazine of the dayMethinks 032c in issue No 20 just leapt to the head of the class as a defining magazine of the day

If you are an editor of the old school ( meaning print), you were wired in your training to make of your publication a formula. Advertisers loved a repeated formula. Formulas gave them a warm and toasty sense of security . Readers accepted it for want of any other publishing model and your staff was taught to stay on formula, page after page after page. Cut to the New Age of publishing and the new challenge is to be prismic. Which is to say if your reader knows what is going to be in your magazine before they even turn the pages, if they know what your typical range, your typical subject, your typical lay-out will be , then you will fall out of sync with the ADD /Twitter/"Facebook-like-button" rhythm of our day. I think if you are constructing a title you have to have a sharp sense of your base identity all the better to be able to challenge that identity. It is rather like knowing all the sides of your cube. But then you have to keep swiveling that cube...twisting it ...shifting it...quickly so as not to bore the super-sophisticated, information over-loaded reader of the day. In that regard I think 032c in issue No 20 just leapt to the head of the class as a defining magazine of the day. Did you expect a LSD cover? I didn't it. If you think the Comme Des Garcons "alphabet" glossary predictable, wait until you read it. Fashion stories that torque into art. Hedi Slimane pictures of Sterling Ruby's studio that probably have Dennis Freedman sighing. A "Welcome To Futureburg" interview that makes your head spin...032c#20 is fractured, unpredictable, dense , glossy and just simply red hot. In a field where many of the bi-annual market leaders have given way to complacency and hermetic redundancy (and I do mean "Purple") 032c No. 20 really does make the kettle sing. All hail.

032c Issue 20 – Rei Kawakubo from 032c on Vimeo.


this mag is a repeated formula, u sound like you have never seen an issue before.

I have the last 9 issues

I suppose one might find 032c a repeated formula ...if all one does is look at the pictures.


You are such a bitch!

Yeahh i couldnt agree more

Yeahh i couldnt agree more with you. So inspiring, clever and shaded. The last issue featured an exclusive steven meisel interview. That was epic. Probably one of the top5 most intriguing magazine. Please wayne, interview its editor in chief joerg koch

Will order my first issue

Will order my first issue today...

Taste is a dictatorship.

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