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In terms of staying fashion relevance Daria has grown up to be the woman who is now distinctly the star of her generation PH Mikael JanssonIn terms of staying fashion relevance Daria has grown up to be the woman who is now distinctly the star of her generation PH: Mikael Jansson

Lancome or Victoria's Secret. It was down to the wire till the last moment. Two power clients bidding at the same time for the exclusive services of the last great editorial star of our generation. And then the negotiations swung the way of Lancome and the rest is contract history. I wonder what would have been happened if it had been VS instead? Daria's Vogue Paris calendar pics certainly spur that thought. Five years ago was it clear that Ms Werbowy would emerge as a star in the old school model mould of her predecessors like Cindy and Christy? Did you imagine that she could consistently give contract face as well as editorial chic as well as sexy. These things are a mix of brilliant management as well as mind over matter on the part of the "girl". "Girl" get quotations as its clear that Daria , in terms of staying fashion relevance has grown up to be the woman who is now distinctly the star of her generation. And probably the only future rival to Gisele or Kate as a No.1 Icon.

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The first moment I ever paid

The first moment I ever paid attention to Daria was back when she walked the 2005 fall Gucci collection and ever since I knew this girl was a huge succes to come. She's hard working.

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Daria the Magnificent

It was written the moment she stepped onto the scene. Daria is a muse wonderland - one of the very finest.
It can be difficult to find words that express her magnitude. What you state is the truth, she is indeed the star of her vast group and contends the likes of Kate & Gisele but she certainly needs to continue working. Her recent spots ooze glamour and iconism that exemplify the classic & everlasting Supermodel. I am excited to see her in Pirelli 2011 a la Lagerfeld. Karl must have fought his every urge not to shine his lense on Daria for fear of being inescapeably seduced by his recent Chanel Queen - but I would only hope to see her at Chanel again... That aside, much continued success to this divine woman.

Nigel S. ;-)

i remember when Daria came

i remember when Daria came to the scene, along with Gisele-lookalike Linda Vojtova. It was clear to me that Linda would travel the oceans every week to be the next big thing - while Daria was the girl with the most fashion shows booking - and look what we have now! Ms Vojtova? Havent seen her in aaaaages and Ms Werbowy is front and center everywhere. And about career management....hummm....she´s always been a busy girl since the beggining, i doubt IMG made her a star, because she was already a star when she begun =)

Daria did not come out of nowhere!

I love this blog but I hate the stupidity of s lot of the comments posted here! Daria was not a star when she started. In fact she struggled. I think at one point she even went back home to Canada and gave up! She was turned down by virtually every agency in New York . DNA said no. Scott Lipps said no. The almighty Paul Rowland said no. Next said no. It was IMG who gave her a chance. In all fairness it was Daria who really got her shit together that season in New York and even then a lot of shows didn't want her. It was not until she went to Milan and opened Prada that Daria became Daria. If anyone made Daria a star it was Prada and Meisel.

Please... OF COURSE IMG made

Please... OF COURSE IMG made her star! To suggest otherwise is totally inaccurate. They made Daria a star just like they are now doing with Joan Smalls. It is incredible what they did with her. I think Daria first came to NY with Elite but then bolted to IMG which proved to be right move then and has certainly proven to be the right move for Joan Smalls and others from every agency in NYC. Everyone can plainly see it is largely about IMG.

You both are right and wrong

Can't really say IMG "made" her a's 50% management and 50% the girl--how hard she works, how hard she persists, how hard she continues to understand and "get it"

Daria was with a smaller mother agency in Canada then switched over to Elite Toronto, which placed her in NY, London and Greece. She hit the grind like a lot of the working (aka irrelevant) models and subsequently quit. But she's hard working and persistent and came back. She's one of the hardest working I've seen. She's a natural creative, a painter, so it's no wonder that she "got it".

There are so many girls who hit the grind and they can be with any of the major agencies in NY. There are also lots of girls at big agencies like IMG who don't work hard, don't persist, dont use their resources to understand what's going on in the industry (directionally) and don't care...and so they're irrelevant.

im sorry, maybe it wasnt

im sorry, maybe it wasnt clear for you guys when i said that she was star - not from THE VERY BEGGINING OF HER CAREER - but she was already a STAR when things worked out for her in the business. THATS what i meant. A lot of the prominent models from today struggled during their early days, but Daria became huge with less than 2 years after she got the Prada gig. I agree when you point out that Prada gave her a lot of visibility - actually, she was one of the first models after the 00´s to become blessed my Miuccia by making a runway appearance that would be converted in actual fame. Maybe she was the one that started the trend of model scooping at the Prada runways to reveal the next big star. IMG did nothing but giving her a chance when the fashion world became flooded with dull russian blondes and their beak noses and pinky cheeks. Where´s the management magic about that??? Plus, having a power cast of models like IMG does wont make Joan Smalls the next african goddess. Jesus, some readers of this site know a thing or two about agenda-setting theory applied in fashion but NOTHING about being lucky, which is part of what makes certain models more famous than the others. Keep you books out of the shelves people!

Sorry but your post is

Sorry but your post is actually funny. The bitterness in the post is clear but the reality and the facts are not. Oh well. Just hope you're just as "lucky" as Daria and Joan!!! Does your "lucky duck" theory apply to modeling agents? I think the agents at IMG are the best at managing a girl. Daria and Joan are no exception to their magical management! I think IMG agents are really "lucky" to be there as well as the incredible models they represent. I like the idea of being naturally gifted and incredibly blessed and focused and hard working and having "magical management" driving my career and being lucky enough to have all my flights to my next booking leave on time and get me there safely and good health so I can go on to my next amazing IMG booking. That would be my "agenda-setting theory"!

Remember Jessica Miller?

There was room for a classically beautiful with a hint of retro quirk brunette at the time and Daria came out on top.

But it was all about the bug eyed alien girls and the incoming eastern european blank slates.

LMAO at being lucky, which is part of what makes certain models

LMAO at "being lucky, which is part of what makes certain models more famous than the others" . Baby... hard work and being a professional at your job ain't luck.

Management Magic

IMG has managed Joan brilliantly: how you could even think otherwise? You say that IMG won't make Joan "the next African goddess", but Joan (who is Puerto Rican, not African, BTW) is pretty indisputably the most successful black model to break through since Liya Kebede. Joan spent years doing catalog jobs, noticed by no one. She switches to IMG and BAM: in the space of a season she's on every single major runway, shooting with Meisel, and booking Gucci campaigns. Joan is a great model and without IMG she would not be where she is today.

There is really no such thing as an inevitable star in the modeling world. Plenty of gorgeous, hard working, ambitious girls never even have a good show season, still fewer of those who do book the editorials that matter, even fewer of those get campaigns, and only the tiniest percentage of those girls keep booking campaigns year after year. Some of it is the model, but a whole lot of it is management "magic". And as Daria and Joan could attest, IMG knows a great deal about that.


I agree with you. IMG knows best in the way to market a model. Time and time again they do it and shall keep on doing it. The management team at IMG is unsurpassed with regards to experience and skill. The crew at IMG are not like a lot of NY bookers that are new and crying out for attention (or trying to impress others as they are looking to switch agencies...uh hah) when a girl books a B level job (and they post it on their blog with a pic of the model as well as the booker-how sad) IMG has the very best seasoned team and thats why they are Numero Uno and will stay that way for many years to come.
Daria is a major star and yes a lot of her success is down to her (duh) but IMG did take her on when she wasnt happy with a smaller agency that didnt really do anything for her.
Go Daria-go IMG. Your both stars.

LOL ok folks, i give up!

LOL ok folks, i give up! (white flag waved!)


Gustavo the White flag is accepted, I love that response! Anyway lets all move on from Dariagate to more important world events such as whats going on with Madonna and who she is dating (LOL)!!
Advance Happy Holidays to everyone. May 2011 be fabulous for all of us .

dont forget lara

lara stone elite for years then switched to IMG and the rest is history. lara's manager and joan, liya's and naomi's manager are 2 of the best in the industry.

A recurring theme. BADA

A recurring theme. BADA BING!

Taste is a dictatorship.

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