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The original CK 1 stance. I mean has cool ever been this effortless?The original CK 1 stance. I mean has cool ever been this effortless?

The blur between boy and's a cyclical obsession that always spins back into currency at least once every decade. Well there's going to be a looooot of that for Spring 2011 which is why TI was inspired to go into the Spur files from December 2009 and pay tribute to the fabulous uniqueness that is Jenny Shimizu via this excerpt. Jenny is now working as an agent at Women Direct and even though I know I'm supposed to be having thoroughly professional conversations with her I can't help being a little bit of a groupie in her presence. I mean has cool ever been this effortless? All hail!

TI: It is very exciting to be talking to you Jenny as you were one of my personal idols in the 90's
JS: Oh god. That is so strange but really sweet.The main thing is a lot of people seem to think I'm going to be tough and hard and not approachable but I'm actually really happy when people come up to me and talk when they see me in public.I don't know where I got this tough girl image from(laughs)..
TI: Could you tell us how it all started for you?
JS: Well basically I was hanging out with this group of kids in LA as a teenager. You know, just doing my thing. Riding my bike...hanging out in the clubs...going to parties. I guess we were like a group of club kids. One day a friend of mine said there was this casting for this Calvin Klein show at the Hollywood Bowl. So I rode my bike down and got there...and the whole place was empty. I was like..."Hello?" But it was just me and these huge steps and endless rows of seats. So I go around another way and walk into this room with this table. Sitting at this table were some of the most beautiful people I had ever seen in my life. And that was the Calvin staff! So I'm so scared and intimidated because I'm this kid and I hear these two people behind me talking about me. So I turn around and its Calvin and Kelly Klein and they're like "Who're you?" So I say "Hi, I'm Jenny"And then Calvin says "Is that your bike?" . I was like "Yes sir" So then they said "We would like for you to do our show and then we would love for you to fly back with us to New York and shoot a campaign". And that's how it happened.
TI: Amazing!
JS: I thought I was going to be in New York for two weeks or so . It ended up being for like... four years. It was insane and so fast! I remember flying to Milan to do the Versus show and being taken backstage . One of the Versace people took me over to Kate Moss and said "Hey Kate, this is Jenny. She's with your agency. Take care of her. It's her first show." So Kate looks up and says "Hi. Wanna beer?"

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