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Oh yes. The Hiss Squad is certainly back in business after last week's soft bomb of a haircut scoop TI gasped and then double gasped at the tale of that mega power stylist who breezed in NYC's JFK locked and loaded to shoot an epic editorial for that mega power blue chip bible. Our beloved power stylist winds her way to immigration only to find her former agency had canceled her US work visa. Mega power blue chip bible was NOT amused. Quelle shade!....And then there is a stunning piece of hiss that should it come true, would mean two major fashion houses are in line for a serious re-alignment. The three part scoop involves...(A.) one of fashion's most major designer retiring from a venerable house, making room for that complex and talented countryman of his (B....) jumping from his current house to the vacant throne. Which (C) then leaves another of fashion's most legendary brands open for a certain star talent to come out of the wilderness back into the luxury fold. If I've dramatically dubbed certain industry changes"continental shifts" this change would be like...a new universe exploding into existence. It's that big!

Please tell me when we'll have the French version of this

A.)Giorgio Armani
B.) Stefano Pilati
C.) Hedi Slimane


This is way out of

This is way out of proportion.
A) ???
B) Pilati
C) Theysken or Slimane?

I die.

Italian designer leaves

Italian designer leaves French house for Italian house, French designer takes over French house. Oui?

Ok, the first one is

Ok, the first one is probably Armani (it's hardly Karl). Then there's Stefano Pilati... I hope he will stay at Yves Saint Laurent. He still is the best choice for that house. It seems like Slimane is coming back - Theyskens would be a riskier choice.

I agree that Armani is

I agree that Armani is getting ready to retire, his last few seasons especially couture were predictable and quite a bore. However I don't agree that Pilati has proven himself to take over a house like Armani. He peaked at least 3 seasons ago if you can let Fall 2008 slide. The response from the industry has hardly been warm, his dedication to heritage is sweet but nothing to reward him for. It would be wonderful to see both Theyskens and Slimane back in the fold, would also love Tom Ford to be thrown back into YSL but that's just wishful thinking.


People, people!

He hasn't even made up his mind yet! Calm down. Damn the internet!

I think I'm going to cry if Armani retires

That would be so sad.

If it's karl he'll be

If it's karl he'll be replaced by a german designer (countryman of his) so that sounds unlikely.
Person C is probably Hedi Slimane or Olivier Theyskens

for the super stylist it's definitely Marie Amelie

Armani retires. Pilati

Armani retires.
Pilati replaces him.
Slimane to YSL. ?!?

Karl Lagerfeld leave Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld leave Chanel Hedi Slimane goes to Chanel


That would make Hedi Slimane person c and Karl Lagerfeld person b? Where would the kaiser be heading then?

If it is Marie-Amelie, I'm

If it is Marie-Amelie, I'm guessing the 2 fashion houses are probably Balenciaga and Balmain.

I agree it sounds like it has something to do with Balenciaga

Maybe Nicholas Ghesquiere is moving to Chanel and Karl is retiring. This would make sense. Nicholas Ghesquiere doing couture OMG can you imagine!

Stefano Pilati out at YSL

Stefano Pilati out at YSL and going to...Emporio Armani was it?

Hedi Silmane in again at YSL?

Armani retires, Pilati takes

Armani retires, Pilati takes over, Ghesquiere moves to YSL. makes sense


sorry, meant Theyskens, not Ghesquiere


I think it has somethin to do with ysl and stefano, buyers, press and editors are no longer in love with his work!
It can be true, thats what ive heard since 2 seasons already, with the strawberry horror dress and now all the cheap drawned jewels!

Tom Ford is back baby!

Tom Ford is back baby!

I thought Tom was going to do his own womenswear line? Although

Tom Ford would be amazing at Armani. I can see him doing something minimal and sheer and sexy and expensive and making Armani really luxury like Chanel or Hermes


TOTAL MANAGEMENT - Cancelled Marie amelie aauve's visa and american vogue is angry. The second part I'm not sure which one you are referring to? Maybe Giorgio Armani making way for Stefano Pilati to come on as the new designer while Hedi Slimane moves in to Stefano's current position at YSL? Just guessing. is that it?

For the stylist

It is Marie-Amelie and her former agency Total canceling the visa! So shady.

thats hilarious. But

thats hilarious. But technically, if she is no longer with Total, they have to cancel her visa. nothing really shady there. Art and Commerce should have been on it.... sounds like a bad start at Art and commerce to me!

Lol..Totally true! just fork

Lol..Totally true! just fork over the required $4500 (I'm sure she'll be able to afford expedited service) and get your paperwork in order honey!

Taste is a dictatorship.

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