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Miranda Kerr in Love#3 PH Daniel JacksonMiranda Kerr in Love#3 PH Daniel Jackson

Punters have been praying for that VS stunner who would cross back over to the kind of high editorial credibility last seen in the form of Gisele. Well wait no more. Miss Miranda Kerr is here . Very Sexy and newsworthy with the high visibility romp with Mr Bloom and all that, if I were the editor of a major cutting edge fashion glossy I would be clearing space for my Miranda Kerr cover right this minute. Cause she's much more than a VS thing now kids...Miss Kerr is looking like THE blue chip campaign queen of FW 10. But hang on ...if TI is thinking it, it probably means Miss Kerr is probably already a cover star of something furiously glossy . Sexy is the new edgy.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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