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Miranda Kerr in Love#3 PH Daniel JacksonMiranda Kerr in Love#3 PH Daniel Jackson

Punters have been praying for that VS stunner who would cross back over to the kind of high editorial credibility last seen in the form of Gisele. Well wait no more. Miss Miranda Kerr is here . Very Sexy and newsworthy with the high visibility romp with Mr Bloom and all that, if I were the editor of a major cutting edge fashion glossy I would be clearing space for my Miranda Kerr cover right this minute. Cause she's much more than a VS thing now kids...Miss Kerr is looking like THE blue chip campaign queen of FW 10. But hang on ...if TI is thinking it, it probably means Miss Kerr is probably already a cover star of something furiously glossy . Sexy is the new edgy.

Alessandra has two fashion campaigns

for fall and according to her twitter she's been doing editorials too. I don't know if it is the kind of high quality or high profile work as Miranda but at least she is working outside of Victoria's Secret.

TI is right about Miranda. All of the other angels either stop working in high fashion or only do a couple things a year and Miranda is making a big effort to consistently work in the two genres. We haven't seen any angel do that since Gisele.

Could It be i-D Mag)?

I think, yes. The new issue just dropped and La Kerr is perfection on the cover! Dont you always say TI, "it takes a long distance runner"..? Here she is, LOVE the fashion reboot.


I-D Cover!!! :) You are always right.

Yup!! She's the one!!! THE

Yup!! She's the one!!! THE ONE !!!

And she'd be the ONLY one of

And she'd be the ONLY one of that VS group.

Not so fast.

There's one flying under the radar at the moment who's about to take everyone by storm.




She's not a Victoria's Secret Angel.

U Got It


When you say "storm" is she

When you say "storm" is she with Storm in London? Cuz they could def blow sister up!!! She need to finally and for once and for all time put that "Mana Beatriz" shizz down and Storm / London could do it.

She wasn't who I was

She wasn't who I was referring to, but the girl I was talking about is Brazilian too. I'm surprised the Hiss Squad hasn't brought it up yet.

I hope it's Adriana Lima!!!!

I hope it's Adriana Lima!!!!


I hope it's anyone.
Any girl will be better than Miranda Kerr;

That would be great!!! Love

That would be great!!! Love her....she gets better with time.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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