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The Hiss Squad is in the ultimate tizzy at the thought that one of fashion's biggest brands might be dropping its penchant for locking coveted girls into seven figure contracts. Some sources hold that certain girls (maybe 2 or 3) will still be held in place while others allege the shut out will be total. Does it mean that the model-as-household name is doomed to extinction. Those glossy girls had better battle to prove otherwise in the upcoming months.


2 or 3 girls...if this is indeed VS (and I think it is, they have WAY too many Angels aboard the ship right now who are never gonna develop into household names) then I think those 2-3 girls will be Heidi, Miranda and Alessandra or Adriana. Heidi for obvious reasons, Miranda for dating Orlando, meaning she's becoming more well-known. Alessandra or Adriana...tough to choose from. I think Adriana is more of a household name, but for me personally they both embody VS in the same perfect way, so it's like deciding on one apple over another apple.

If this is true, it'll sure suck for all those Pink girls!

If I had only three

If I had only three contracts to give out for Angels they would be Heidi, Miranda, Doutzen. Without question. They are great with the press. Heidi IS VS and no one has come close to her yet but Miranda and Doutzen could do it. Miranda and Doutzen have in front of them huge careers = way more potential than the others under contract. Those three would hands -down get my money, vote, confidence = contract. The agencies who have the others who are not being renewed are going to suffer greatly. Those commissions pay lots of bills and salaries.

definitely, it is VS

definitely, it is VS

Is it Victoria's secret? lol

Is it Victoria's secret? lol

Natasha no more

Natasha and Gucci perhaps? I don't think she got this season's campaign. A new direction, Frida?


Read the damn thing. Natasha ain't making no seven figures off of Gucci. It's obviously about Victoria's Secret.

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