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Chernikov drew by hand what today can seem only possible with a computer.Chernikov drew by hand what today can seem only possible with a computer.

I came across the most touching story this weekend via the and it inspired the purchase of this book. Here is an excerpt of the inspiring James Puckett review of Chernikhov's masterworks

"In the late 1920s the state-controlled world of Soviet architecture began to turn against the Constructivists. In 1932 Stalin tired of the pointless political debate between Constructivism’s remaining supporters and many critics. He barred architects from political speech and limited Soviet architecture to classical revival. Unable to practice in his Constructivist style, Chernikov began drawing architectural fantasies that were usually not intended to be built. But he still needed work free from politics and in the 1940s he began to study and draw typefaces, an activity unlikely to draw attention.

Intended for used in an architecture textbook Chernikov’s typeface drawings are examinations of historical alphabets. These are not the overly rationalized alphabets of the renaissance, although Chernikov did examine the alphabets of Durer and Tory. Chernikov’s letters are modeled on historical forms, drawn onto grids with notation about proportion and geometry. "

Ultra essential reading!Ultra essential reading!

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