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Intermission No 1!Intermission No 1!

Daniel Magnussen, the mind behind HE magazine and now the the Editor and Creative Director of the publication "Intermission" has nabbed Ms Julia Restoin-Roitfeld for the first cover of this new book. Intermission hits the stands in Europe next week and can otherwise be purchased at Opening Ceremony. They say print is dying but the independents are intent on fighting the good fight, no?

I cover my mouth when I yawn.

Another independent fashion magazine promising to break the mold, but with the same content as the other independents. When will it end--covering the same NY centric figures and places. Is there nothing else out there? Or is no one willing to take a look? Just make the safe bet and hope readers will want to hunker down w yet another article abt Opening Ceremony. Even my grandmother knows what Opening Ceremony is by now! Print will die not because of its physicality but because of its monopoly on content. I go on blogs because I'd rather not read another puff piece on some hipster socialite or band that looks like it were put together by a modeling agency. Stop wasting people's time. I want to be challenged and enthralled when I read a magazine not lulled into thinking that the people named on the cover of this magazine are the end all be all of what's cool and interesting in the world.


I completely agree with this sentiment. Another magazine covering the same content as all the other magazines. I can't fathom why they bother.

well there hasn´t really

well there hasn´t really been any magazine with a truly new art/design since neville brody did the face. purple has never been new when it comes to art direction, just classic and nice. even self service feels kind of retro and not new in any way. also very nice though

Good Content

there is nothing new about the lay out or art work though, it's very purple meets self service aka very already done. Good to see the good fight being fought just the same.

But their Swedish, so that

But their Swedish, so that means they will be better.

i agree

i agree

Who cares about Julia...

Sara looks amazing on the cover! As always. I think she's THE most underrated model right now. :|

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long live intermission! love

long live intermission!
love the covers and art direction.


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