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A sun-filled corner of 57 W 57th St's 11,00 sq ftA sun-filled corner of 57 W 57th St's 11,00 sq ft

Former private residence of a Firestone heiress... 11,000 sq ft. ...two working fireplaces..(one all marble, the other marquetry wood)...Tri-level full floor (18th, 19th and 20th ) with wrap-around terraces featuring sweeping views of Central Park and Sixth Avenue ...Rams head gargoyles adding a unique frisson. Currently under conversion for impending occupancy . Brace yourselves for a new era of chic.

Wood built-ins flanking an Art Deco fireplaceWood built-ins flanking an Art Deco fireplace

The sweeping view to Central ParkThe sweeping view to Central Park

Tri-Level... full floor ..18th, 19th, 20thTri-Level... full floor ..18th, 19th, 20th

The  night view down Sixth Avenue staggers one!The night view down Sixth Avenue staggers one!


Who's scooping up 101? Midtown is in the middle of a renaissance. It's all about proximity to CP.

That space is impressive but the ground floor– not so.

The new Ford

The new Ford office is legendary goddamit!

This is the new Ford office?

This is the new Ford office? For all those many divisions or just Paul and Mohammed's women's division? Either way it is amazing but hopefully the whole of Ford is moving because that factory they currently occupy is horrendous. It's like a telemarketing company or the call center for 911-Emergency with all that tacky red. So not cool but this space ..... incredible! The location, however, is a bit unusual. Ford is slowly inching it's way back to Sutton Place....a world apart from SoHo but ok....!!!!

Somebody shopping

Somebody shopping for new office space huh.


This is beyond !!! What a gorgeous space for a model agency !!!! OR my next home!!! THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!!!! A girl can dream!!!!

Taste is a dictatorship.

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