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Listen. That girl named Natasha Poly hasn't even reached her peak yet. The Hiss Squad swears to have just seen her new April Vogue Paris cover boasting a "Western" theme and assures us Natasha's beauty on said cover is mega-inarguable. Saddle up kids...And though after this insane week TI has sworn not to discuss NY agency goings-ons for at least the next six month...A new wrinkle emerged this morning around the allegation that the former head of one of the world's most powerful agencies is set to join a certain Dream Team currently in formation. OK. C'est tout for agency drama!

When a model could get 6

When a model could get 6 covers,it's not the Vogue Paris I'm looking forward to anymore.

And please,bring Mario Testino and Craig McDean back.Too much I&V now..

oh man here come the Poly

oh man here come the Poly stans! let us all just write stunning, perfect, amazing, etc.

I wrote the comment below

I wrote the comment below about #2 being Amazing, and let me just say I am not even that big of a fan of Natasha's work, and sometimes she kind of bores me, but she does ultimately deliver.

I just think you need to give credit where its due, thats all.


oh... the "number 2 girl"?

What about health care ?

No one care about Natasha ...huh?

Although Natasha is

Although Natasha is inarguably beautiful, I don't feel like she projects a far-reaching aura...there is nothing about her that would stop you in your tracks... nor is she fresh and enticing like the true supers are.

who cares. natasha poly and

who cares. natasha poly and 6 french vogue covers? that tells you something about french vogue. no imagination. snore.

Loads of people care!

This is such a narrow-minded comment. Vogue Paris is read across the world, not only France! It is a major reference and Carine Roitfeld's work is at least as respected as Anna Wintour's... There is nothing boring about Vogue Paris. Their last issue has probably the best cover (Rose Cordero) in the last few years of all Vogue editions!

i mean if you are putting

i mean if you are putting the same face on the cover of your magazine 6 times, i think it lacks imagination. i think there are far more interesting faces (like Rose) than natasha poly for the 6th time... they are a good magazine, but they should put a little more thought into it rather than recycling the same faces. they have an opportunity to do something amazing since they actually put models on the cover. Natasha poly feels safe and boring to me. patrica, edita, raquel, meghan collison, freja, carolyn murphy, liya, jac, anna j, malgosia. the list goes on.

Who cares? lol 6 VP covers

Who cares? lol

6 VP covers is not something to just laugh at. It's a feat. You're making it seem like it's just Vogue Taiwan. lol. Who else has 6? Daria has 5. Lara has 4. While other girls can barely get a VP cover (edit:Raquel), Natasha is already on her 6th and counting. It's also not like she's scoring VP covers every 6 months, her last was from 2007. This is well-deserved and she always delivers.


shes always be the "number 2" girl

What's wrong with being

What's wrong with being Number 2? She has been in that position for so long now and she's pretty much justified her position time and time again. I hope she gets to her well deserved Top Spot.

She isn't just a fad that charts on MDC for a few seasons and falls off the face of the earth. lol. Longevity and Consistency she knows how.

#2 out of what? thousands

#2 out of what? thousands and thousands of girls.. who change every year, in and out in and out.

#2 = amazing.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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