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Paolo closing Givenchy FW 10Paolo closing Givenchy FW 10

So the kids wanted to know who this closing boy at Givenchy FW 10 menswear is. The name Paolo. Represented by Boss Models in New York. Goes between NY and Toronto where he doubles as a buyer at a very directional store called "Nomad". Genial no? How many models do you know who can walk a show and also log the pieces they desire for retail?

Spotted him at Victor Glemaud last season

he's much older than the

he's much older than the boys in the business right now i can assure you that. but those asian genes are a time machine that like. we filipinos...we're like black people. we don't age. until we hit 60 and then its all down hill from there.



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I shopped at Nomad 3 weeks

I shopped at Nomad 3 weeks ago, love it.


Love the that he doesn't look like he's 13. Awesome!

Helene .

Why people say he is old? ...he look young fresh and sexy to me ...what about u ?

billie georges

Paolo is canadian/filipino


he is from hawai.

no he is from Canada

no he is from Canada

Just Amazing .... love this

Just Amazing .... love this Model

Is he...


he's a asian older man,

he's a asian older man, ofcorse he is goin to own a buisness

Danger In Your Eyes- Don Evans and The Paragons

Hi Wayne,

I'm glad you posted his info. I hope he makes it big, the male modelling industry needs models with passion not just for the fashion fame but for the art of it. There are so few models male or female who do it not just for the attention but because they believe in the work, in the process of collaboration. I don't know if this is him but from what you said about his other job as a buyer it sounds plausible.

BTW- Doesn't he kind of give off this Will Lemay vibe but in a good way?

P.S. I was looking at some of your earlier posts from this site's beginning and one of your missions was to provide original editorial/fashion/art content. My question is are you accepting submissions, is there a certain criteria needed to be met for the content that you post?


Hi Kon

Sorry it took a minute to get back but I've been slammed like I'm in the WWF. I certainly would love submissions from you ...anything that moves you. Anything that is real for you...the realer the better. There is no criteria. Just give me you at your purest...without fear. I'd be honored to see your

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