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Alicia is the sensation this season on Brazilian runwaysAlicia is the sensation this season on Brazilian runways

She crushed it in the Rio shows and now all the key Sao Paulo designers are lining up behind Alicia Kuczman. Which is interesting as it reflects the fact that for a year and a half now the designers in Brazil have been edging towards girls with a high editorial appeal.

Too thin to please!

This girl has been crowned the it girl during last brazilian fashion weeks. She's so thin that one felt sick just at looking at her difficulties on the runways. The shoes were too heavy for her legs, all kind of shoes! I don't like this kind of body, and would advise people at Way (her agency in Brazil) to keep a doctor at hand wherever she might be. Scary

the bombshell from Brazil

She is woking a lot now in Brazil and that blog said that she is with One agency in NY!
I really like her!

Alicia Agency?

Who reps her? More info please!

this card is from lumiere

this card is from lumiere models... but way models stole her

Taste is a dictatorship.

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