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CURRENT LISTENING: Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance”: (Grum Remix)

Lady Gaga as photographed by Hedi Slimane as scooped on TILady Gaga as photographed by Hedi Slimane as scooped on TI

Just to prove that TI is not always an "obscurist" he read "New Moon" this weekend, twittered fitfully (if anonymouysly) watched 3 episodes of Hannah Montana and danced liked no one was watching to the new Gaga. Here's the Lady's very popular "Bad Romance" remixed by Grum. Universal Music will release the remixes on November 24th, 2009 but until then catch a sneak at!

You are not "obscurist" because you read "New Moon"?

You are not "obscurist" because you read "New Moon"? No such word. Maybe
you meant "obscurant" or "obscurantist"? How about plain old "obscure"?
Thanks for your great blog.

Oh consider it the latest in obscurant New York street slang luv

Wonder if I can copyright it?lol


girl, you messed up, stop

girl, you messed up, stop trying to play it off.

And I quote

Listen lady the non-word was in quotations which if you follow standard literary procedure is your indicator as a reader that you've just encountered something coached as ironic, arch or suspect. Reading TI is not for amateurs. Ramp up your irony meter bee-yatch.

"Air Kiss"

Admit it, some passers-by

Admit it, some passers-by are in desperate need for literary reeducation. Personal suggestion: they should all have a look at Vladimir Mayakovski's poems...and obscurist won't seem out of place.

I keep warning you kids,

I keep warning you kids, don't come for her she will crack your face, I usually dont agree with half of what ms thing is selling or preaching but, I just keep it moving because I know she will read my ass if she feeIs as if I'm trying to come for her..

Air Quoted

Here's a question for you, TI: Did "Carles" of HRO or Tao Lin or whomever, invent this literary air quote thing online, or just popularize it, or just "elevate it to an artform"?

It seems like the whole practice is the perfect "postmodernist" symbol for "meta" commentary. True, once you realize the air quote's utility it is hard not to use it.

PS, you have one of the best blogs on "teh interwebs", naturally. Thanks.

Don't you want me bay-bee

Don't you want me oooooh-oh. Don't you want me bay-bee. Don't you want me ooooooo-oh. Totally Human League.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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