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Trooper fading into Drummer.... Its an orgasm.Trooper fading into Drummer.... Its an orgasm.

I know , I know... I am late to the party on "Power" and yes, if you're not one of the converted all those synthetic beats that sound very much like battling power drills will be hard to take. But can I tell you this? For me "Power" is one of the most amazing electronic albums I've heard this year. The genius factor offered by Boys Noize? The sequencing of the tracks. From Track 5 (Transmission )through to Track 12 ("Heart Attack"), Power lifts off into a magnificent place that segues from abstract electronica to the most throbbing dance beats I've weathered all Fall. I'm "Trooper" had me coming-together-in extremis. It's that excellent!

Taste is a dictatorship.


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