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When was the last time we saw new blood breaking into the A-list campaign club? Since the boom days of Mert n Marcus crashing the market mid-90's, the big brand names (Steven/Steven/Mario/Mario/Inez and Vinoodh) have eaten all the key bookings. But now just in time for a new decade comes news that Josh Olins at CLM is rising fast as a new star photographer logging a gig for the SS 10 Armani Collection campaign as well nabbing the Benneton from a certain blue-chip mainstay. Plus the Hiss Squad has whispered to TI to start tracking the pages of V, W and Bazaar for some lush editorial statements from Mr Olins. We're ready for it.

Katie Grand strikes again

Katie Grand strikes again. She put a big push behind Mert n Marcus and now she's putting a big push behind Josh Olins. You wait and see. Love is going to be all about Josh.

one of his kind

let's not talk rates as you don't know how much Josh is getting paid in the end. 40K for Armani main advertising?? I doubt the recession has forced Armani to lower his standards so drastically. And money wouldn't be the reason they hired Josh. Josh has his own style, even though very young and new to the industry he managed to break through. He is not a cheaper version of M&M, therefore he doesn't need to 'convince others he can take photos like the more established photographers'. Let the images speak for themselves

I think you said it well

I think you said it well

Yes - he's good. Good luck

Yes - he's good. Good luck to him. He won the Benneton job from David Sims

such good news! finally new

such good news! finally new blood....


not impressed by his work!


He's great, not a revolutionary like M&M, but he is very talented and deserves every bit of the success. Nice to see the glass ceiling of Simstestinoinezsorrenticraig finally starting to crackle a little bit.

we all have our fav fashion

we all have our fav fashion photographers, but listen to you all: steven meisel does a good job, doesnt he? YES, and although some people might be tired of reading his name at the credits, we all know how talented he is. Mario Testino, Inez & Vinoodh, they are all talented people, and fashion magazines know that, and they pay them A LOT for each picture/day of work.
What are the positive points of bringing new blood to the fashion photography scene? I say: we can have confrontational points of view, with non movement statements of one´s work ethos; but what is the difference that it brings to fashionistas? None. We all know how Armani campaigns look like, we can recognize that certain palette of color in almost every Louis Vuitton campaign...PLUS: im not sure if Josh is gonna get those 130K for campaign like the big league players do. So id rather take that information on Josh as a marketing plan of the fashion brands to 'renew' their advertising imagery. They pay Josh 40K (which is a LOT of money) and they try to convince us that he can take photos like the more stablished photographers. They pay less, we think we´re gonna get more. Lets wait and see what happens at the end.

Its about time that the

Its about time that the doors begin to open up for new talent

Taste is a dictatorship.

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