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Scoop du Jour: Pop Life!

Sienna Miller: Pop Magazine: Image via frillr.comSienna Miller: Pop Magazine: Image via

Just hours off the plane back to NY and already the phone is exploding with blips and bytes of fashion gossip...Such as this exclusive scoop from our pals at with this new Pop cover featuring Sienna Miller...This editorial surprise (the Richard Prince influence continues) was followed by a hot hint from a highly credible source that something has gone wrong with the love match between Mert n Marcus n Pop magazine. Seems a split is widening and the marquee team of M+M is said to be eyeing the pristine pages of Self Service as their preferred outlet. Or is someone just using TI for strategic mis-information. Thing is Self-Service has been a traditional Inez and Vinoodh stomping ground. Would there be room for 2 all star photography teams at one avant-grade French fashion bible? Which is not to say that I+V are wanting for work now that they have nabbed the SS08 Valentino campaign, which is being shot in location today and tmrw in LA. And wasn't M+M shooting that at one point? What a round robin! There are four girls reporting to work for I+V ...3 blondes and 1 brunette. Two are iconic. One is near iconic and the fourth is having a fresh burst of blue chip bookings. Oh what the hell with the coyness. Half the cast is Amber and Shalom and the other two I know the modelspotters will deduce in due time.... Meanwhile November is a big month for Coco Rocha with two covers on the stands right this min..Numero 88 and the current Vogue Italia with Meghan Collison. Add her fragrance gig for YSL and her heavy rotation in US Vogue and it really does look like Coco is back in the good graces of those she might have offended on those days when she was not available to shoot (something to do with her dance troupe). Stop laughing.. But you have to love that the girl has a life..... Very well. Off now to a 3D IMAX pre-screening of "Beowulf" . Never been to anything IMAX or 3D before in my life. No sleep for the wicked!

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