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Which top ranking beauty flies into the September shows coasting in the glow of having an entire issue of a certain cult publication devoted to her ? Terry snapped pics. Craig snapped pics. And TI just got jabbed in the back for disclosing too much. Stay tuned for a lavish moment in early September. You'll be the first to see. !


Oh please why are you hyping this 4th rate magazine..let me guess...its because its a girl from Women right? Boring! Boring! Boring and who gives a shit?

Thank you...

for taking time out of your very busy life to post about me. Thank you for spelling my name right. Thank you for all the attention . It's great marketing. You make me feel like I'm Kanye West or something. Please devote more energy to me. I love it. It turns me on. Spell my name some more. Say it till you have an orgasm. Quelle power !

No Love Lost

lol, muse is not exactly the

lol, muse is not exactly the magazine you want dedicated to you
...especially when your at natasha's status

Natasha Poly


I totally agree ,natasha

I totally agree ,natasha sell herself cheaply for any editorial ?! Muse is just another mass market magazine ...

It's Natasha Poly!!!!!

It's Natasha Poly!!!!!

Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly

amber rose?naomi....who

amber rose?naomi....who dammit?



Its Natasha Poly..

She has the entire new issue of Muse dedicated to her. Terry is doing pics as well..

Poly & Muse But there won't

Poly & Muse

But there won't be any fuss over's no Vogue Paris

haha HATER

haha HATER


Natasha Poly

i hope it's natasha poly

i hope it's natasha poly

uh oh, Eniko will feature in

uh oh, Eniko will feature in Self Service i think! the girl ur talking about its definitely NATASHA POLY, am i right??

either Lara Stone or Eniko!!

either Lara Stone or Eniko!! =)




A MUSE SEPTEMBER with Natasha Poly!

natasha poly for muse mag

natasha poly for muse mag

natasha poly .muse magazine.

natasha poly .muse magazine. cover richard phillips painting

Raquel for VP October?

Considering that most people already knew about Natasha for Muse, what is the chance that Wayne would make such a big deal about doing a Scoop Du Jour about it? This is a long shot, but since Raquel Zimmermann has been spotted photographed with I&V and Sorrenti as of late and is LONG overdue for a VP cover, what are the chances that she could have the whole issue dedicated to her? I know Lara just had an issue dedicated to her in March, but this year Carine has seemed to love repeating concepts, and by concepts I mean two different issues devoted to certain classic designers (Chanel in March and Dior for June/July). Though the chances of Raquel getting a whole VP to herself are slim, it's a nice thought that has some possibility to it. The girl has DEFINITELY earned it. She continues to get the most important blue chip work, proving that it's not how quickly you reach the top, but how long you stay. I would love to see her at least on the cover for VP October.

and the october issue

and the october issue doesn't come out until september 28th, so that wouldn't work with "Stay tuned for a lavish moment in early September"

those editorials were shot

those editorials were shot less than a month ago darling
not enough time to make the cut for september

keep dreaming

Taste is a dictatorship.

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