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Lois Samuels looking even more beautiful than ever in The VesselLois Samuels looking even more beautiful than ever in The Vessel

Remember Lois Samuels, the lithe Jamaican model who profiled so beautifully for Ck One, Harper's Bazaar and Interview mag in the 90's at their grunge/waif height? This morning I found out she's been designing a line of clothing called "The Vessel". The proposition of another model designing a line made that one skeptical brow of mine arch pretty high. That is until I caught the chic propriety of Lois' pieces. So St Elizabeth-pastor's-daughter-in-London! The talent there is undeniable and TI will be happy to help The Vessel make its New York Fashion week debut as crackling as possible.

I Know The Score- Frankie Paul

Hey wayne, whatsup?

I've been meaning to reply to your posts, I even began one (very lenghty,on the subject of models, who should be number one male and female , reality v.s . the microcosm that is fashion) but I got caught up in life. You've been posting some really great , thought provoking content like the Givenchy (Riccardo Tisci) vs. Cathy Horyn saga , from an outsider's point of view, I understand Cathy's remarks and opinions, it does sometimes look like Riccardo is biting, especially from Balmain, but they all do. It's as simple as commerce over art, supply and demand.

Do you remember those early 00's Madonna Versace ads? In those ads Madonna wore a coral print shirt, dress, shoes and bag, that same season both Oscar De La Renta and Valentino used the same print the exact way. No one mentioned it , beause this is a standard buisness pratice and rather than label it copying it's labeled as a "trend". I think he's relatively young (he looks old as hell, 33, my ass, maybe he was 33, 33 yrs ago, just joking), he's finding his footing, forging his own identity while mixing in other's ideas to create a new vision for brand that has been dying a very slow and painful death since 1995 (when Hubert retired, brilliant last show , one of my top 5 designers of all time). The recent couture show to me was a mix of alaia, dominatrix, a little Nina Ricci (Theyskens's last show), islam and believe it or not, Flash Gordon (the movie) and I loved it. He's an inspiration to me, as someone trying to break into the industry on my own terms, doing what I want to do.

Which is why I finally decided to the take the time to reply to the posts and this one in particular, because here you have someone Lois Samuels (what a jamaican last name, any relation to Oliver) doing her own thing with photography and clothing, I wonder is it easier for her, as a model to break in, or does she have to struggle, like I am, to create her vision or is it worse because of skepicism for as a model turned designer? I wish her the best and to Tafari Hinds. London is the best place to be for a carribbean person, even though its a very boring place to live (big up to Brockley,Catford,Lewisham) they are far more accepting of Jamaicans,Carribbean people,etc than America.

Wayne, you've had some posts on here about the new generation of models,photographers,designers,stylists,etc., saying that you want something new, not a rehash of what's already out there. Which is great, but how is the next generation supposed to make it without help from the old guard which may or may not come with conformity in to the old way of doing things? How does one push new ideas when they don't have the power or the resources available to express their vision ? This is a site is a great forum and I learn more and more everytime I come here .


(BTW-between Lara, Natasha or Sasha, I would go with Lara, especially with her recent W magazine cover,story + edit, she's on her way to reaching public attention, by public I mean outside of fashion. People are calling it return to the curvy model but I think its a return to model with personality, one of the reasons of the public is still so obsessed with the original i.e. real supermodels is because they got to ''know'' them, at least what they wanted you to perceive them as)

Forward My Selector!

Wassap Kon,
So good to hear from. I see Lois provoked quite a response . Was it the St Elizabeth provenance lol. Only those who know ...know . As to the question of "how is the next generation supposed to make it without help from the old guard" and "How does one push new ideas when they don't have the power or the resources available to express their vision"...I have two things to say

1. Love doing what you do creatively ...with the satisfaction you get from refining that creative expression as being your #1 motive in life. It cannot be about the money or the fabulousness or the press and the praise or the jets or the suites or the car and drivers. We all like that but that is all secondary. If you never became famous or rich would you still do it? Would you stay your course? .If you want to design ...just do it it it without money or power or publicity. Ideas cost nothing whatsoever. Miguel Androvers once made a coat from mattress ticking because he could not afford to buy fabric. Galliano used to live on baked beans. Do it because you love it. Do it for you.

2. Great talent cannot be be denied. People may dislike you or smile falsely. They may ignore you or spit in your path. But if you really have the talent and you work hard at refining it, polishing it, improving it, educating it, challenging it and chaneling it then you'll get what you want. Maybe overnite or maybe in ten years. But great talent makes people stop in their tracks and acknowledge.

And beyond that bit of preaching...look hot when you go out at night . Everybody loves a beautiful new thing. I know I do.

1 Luv

Taste is a dictatorship.

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