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Antonella: Supreme: Look One at Givenchy Couture FW 10Antonella: Supreme: Look One at Givenchy Couture FW 10

TI is jet-lagged out of his discombobulated skull...but am happy to report that the Givenchy couture moment had the even the skeptical kids buzzing, spinning and rippling after the show..Here are some fast highlights :

...Tischi 's handmaidens Lara Stone, Maria Carla and Lakshmi back in full effect rocking an Middle Eastern theme with note perfect control.

...Iris with YET another new even more severe pageboy that reinvigorates the way you look at her face. ..Cheekbones like geometry profiling flawless couture cutting

...Visual motifs from the men's shows finding a gorgeous follow through in this couture collection as in ..the harem style pants..the gold jewelry (those rings on the fingers) climaxing with the crown of studs on Maria Carla's head. TI is mad for that move because the consistency of line on that body of ideas makes that men's collection all the more collectible.

Our beloved "Spooky Beauty", Stasya making her runway debut at Look 3.

Tischi leashing in his recent body of codes visual to render his most controlled, cohesive and ironically, emotionally soaring show yet. (...The music like a call to prayer...) Like it or not, this is the imagery this designer believes in and he is true to his faith.

The jaw dropping opening by Supreme score....Antonella....

Which goes to say that the House Of Givenchy wants its moment and is coming for it with unflinching purpose.

Givenchy Winter 2010 couture highlight: Image via jakandjil.comGivenchy Winter 2010 couture highlight: Image via

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