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Antonella: Supreme: Look One at Givenchy Couture FW 10Antonella: Supreme: Look One at Givenchy Couture FW 10

TI is jet-lagged out of his discombobulated skull...but am happy to report that the Givenchy couture moment had the even the skeptical kids buzzing, spinning and rippling after the show..Here are some fast highlights :

...Tischi 's handmaidens Lara Stone, Maria Carla and Lakshmi back in full effect rocking an Middle Eastern theme with note perfect control.

...Iris with YET another new even more severe pageboy that reinvigorates the way you look at her face. ..Cheekbones like geometry profiling flawless couture cutting

...Visual motifs from the men's shows finding a gorgeous follow through in this couture collection as in ..the harem style pants..the gold jewelry (those rings on the fingers) climaxing with the crown of studs on Maria Carla's head. TI is mad for that move because the consistency of line on that body of ideas makes that men's collection all the more collectible.

Our beloved "Spooky Beauty", Stasya making her runway debut at Look 3.

Tischi leashing in his recent body of codes visual to render his most controlled, cohesive and ironically, emotionally soaring show yet. (...The music like a call to prayer...) Like it or not, this is the imagery this designer believes in and he is true to his faith.

The jaw dropping opening by Supreme score....Antonella....

Which goes to say that the House Of Givenchy wants its moment and is coming for it with unflinching purpose.

Givenchy Winter 2010 couture highlight: Image via jakandjil.comGivenchy Winter 2010 couture highlight: Image via


Just saw the pictures! I an truly amazed by how Tisci´s aesthetic overwhelmed all my negative thoughts on his last rtw collection. He´s definitely a visionaire, a man with a bold conviction and a lot of ingenuity.

And oh, did you notice Hamish Bowles, Grace Coddington and Patrick Demarchelier on the lower left side of the picture? Look at Patrick´s face ahahaha i hope he enjoyed the show as much as i did - although i never got an invitation to see it live =(



The Horyns of the world can say what they want, but the people have spoken - Tisci is more relevant and more exciting than his peers who consistently receive "rave" reviews. And what about the return of Danielle Zinaich???

The right to criticize

I don't think that Ms. Horyn had written misplaced or biased criticism. Apart from that, there should not exist any monstre sacré, in fashion or any other industries for that matter, since progress comes with a healthy dose of criticism. If I'm not mistaken she had the same problem with Giorgio Armani not too long ago and look at his couture collection this season, I think I have seen those clothes in different variations before. In my opinion Ms. Horyn didn't like the Givenchy's menswear for certain factors which she had eloquently explained on her blog. Her criticism may sound severe but definitely it provides a point for reflection. In a sense, the Givenchy menswear is a derivative of what Tisci had done previously and I myself could not see those fall 2010 collection moves in any significant direction. Seriously though, I'll bet those who really could afford Givenchy in the first place would not be the ones the collection is targeted at; the clothes seem too youth oriented which I could scarcely imagine the ones who frequented the House of Givenchy. Even though I admit the same theme is repeated quite convincingly in Tisci's haute couture collection. Just because Ms. Horyn had unleashed her criticism does not necessarily mean that she has to back away from having an opinion; especially an opinion that is supported with a measured reasoning.

Ego vs Ego

Writing a review trying to rip somebody out of ego is not measured reasoning. Cathy Horyn makes a lot a good point but lets be real. He got sensitive. She got sensitive. It got nasty. I read Cathy Horyn religiously and I never seen her get that nasty or personal before. That was disappointing. Plus she's does not care to get severe with anybody else. Take that Chanel couture or Dior. Clearly she didnt like those but she didn't take it there on those queens personally. That's what was shocking about her post. It felt like she was pissed that she was banned which was shady on Riccardo Tiscis part to begin with . And then for revenge she not only trashed a collection that she didn't actually see but attempted to trash Tiscis rep . Or maybe she should just have said I think Tiscis a prick and keep it direct like that and not even pretend it was a fair review

As for which young people can afford Givenchy...cmon now. Could those broke rockers who Hedi worshipped afford Dior? Didnt stop the house from becoming the most powerful in menswear. Maybe it was all those black and spanish kids you didnt find 'interesting'

Fair view

"Maybe it was all those black and spanish kids you didnt find 'interesting'". First of all, I am brown coloured and Asian, and is most often than not meagerly represented on the Givenchy's runway (and Asian does not mean only Chinese or Japanese or Korean or Indian); so...let us not go there.

I thought Ms. Horyn was at the fall 2010 men's collection? At least I saw her or somebody like her there. For Givenchy's haute couture I 'm not so sure though. I think she made her commentaries based on each separate collections (menswear, womenswear, haute couture, etc.). And so far, she did not give unfavorable review on the entire output of the Givenchy's fashion house. I have yet to read her past reviews, I have to admit that. If this is the case of ego vs. ego or personal vendetta, than it would only be a waste since I like her fashion review.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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