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The new Rob Pruitt's are hot! Image via artforum.comThe new Rob Pruitt's are hot! Image via

One all-male clique trotting down the aisles looked too pretty and pulled together, then, to be just another gaggle of collectors—and anyway, these ones had guards. Without warning, the sea of men parted to reveal a familiar visage, replete with iconic black sunglasses and white ponytail. Otherwise soigné gallery directors gasped and pulled out their camera phones. (Brad Pitt was a “sighting”; Karl Lagerfeld constituted an event.) The venerable designer paused at Gavin Brown’s booth long enough to consider Rob Pruitt’s wall of deadpan paintings featuring “celebrity” signatures (Mike Bloomberg, Rachel Harrison). “Look,” Brown said, leading Lagerfeld toward a canvas. “We put yours above Claudia Schiffer’s.”

David Valesco in Artforum's "Scene and Heard" RE: Karl Lagerfeld's giving presence to the Art Basel crowd

Taste is a dictatorship.


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