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When TI caught wind of Sessilee's recent Vogue Paris presence we set the Hiss Squad loose to sniff out the details. And you know the Hiss Squad....give them one sip and they drink the whole damned bottle. So this is what they hunted down for us. Yes...Sessilee with Inez and Vinoodh but it seems there were two other belle's at the sitting , one of whom was the fastest rising new Asian star on the scene and the other being a recent cover-girl. Will any one from the trio end up on the cover? Carine Roitfeld herself was in town styling so the fashion groupies are breathlessly hoping. Can't wait to see the final edit!


maybe it is du juan no !!!?
and Iris !!?
it would be an amazin cover charlie angel's cover
ray from wherethelightsend

I guess its gotta be either

I guess its gotta be either Tao or Liu Wen and Anja Rubik for the other two girls =T Can't wait to see it either

liu, tao, lara?

liu, tao, lara?

I heard Elsa, Kamila and

I heard Elsa, Kamila and Ranya were on set.

that sounds amazing

so there are 6 girls?

maybe it's a different shoot?


wow... i'd loooove to see Liu and Lara in the same story... they're soooo different, but they'd be able to create something absolutely magical... under Carine's direction, of course!!! ;-)

Taste is a dictatorship.

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