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Is it safe to go back in the water? Have all the mega-divas gone back into the deep ocean in their billionaire boyfriends big yachts? Are they docked at Cannes yet? TI has to say Monday morning's power play by those big bad girls is one for the record. Wait till the last minute, give the quotes to the untouchable Cathy Horyn via The Moment and effect a blue-chip boycott of an event they felt they should have been co-hosting en masse in the first place. Not that La Kate cared a toss. TI got the good hiss that Kate's hosting post was not just pure sentimentality...let's say Sir Phillip Green threw down handily to make all that happen. But what's Vogue to do next ? Seek reconciliation or brew a viscous revenge? TI suspects we'll be seeing a loooooooot more actresses on those Vogue cover from this point on ....And amongst today's flurry of unfounded rumors ...The Hiss Squad has spotted a few of those big bad supermodel babes re-enacting Peter Lindbergh's legendary 1991 motorcycle Chanel shoot. But it's not for Vogue but rather, Harper's Bazaar. TI is hiding under his blanket until the dust clears.

Cute post Wayne... imagining

Cute post Wayne... imagining you hiding under the covers haha..

Actually to me it came across a little ridiculous of the Trinity.. it seemed like they were jealous at kate co-hosting, (but ofcourse wouldn't admit that) so seized the high horse of Alaia to focus the attention on themselves.. and it worked

Sorry, but I would say to them.. who cares.. you didn't attend, the party went on .. the world didn't crash to an end..

but to me they come off as spoilt divas...

btw.. Claudia , Alek, Shalom, Iman were there to represent looking every inch the muses they are... loved them!!!


Actually... I'll give it a good bet that the three of them are weary of being labeled THE TRINITY. That particular period ended a thousand years ago and Linda and Christy haven't been close for just as long.


"It seemed like they were jealous at Kate co-hosting." Let's keep feeding the internet bullshit and false innuendo. Naomi and Stephanie (Stephanie is not part of the Trinity, by the way) were the only ones to publicly state that they wouldn't show up on behalf of Alaia.

I think you should save the "spoilt diva" remark for Kate Moss, especially if Wayne's hiss regarding the TopShop owner is correct.

I love the way people get so

I love the way people get so excited about fashun!
...and so the battle lines are drawn... camp Moss Vs camp supermodels of the 80s !!!!
Yup I admit it, love Miss Moss
(umm i know stephanie not in trinity, its just shorthand, but sorry, we must be precise about these things in fandom!)
And.. anyone that thinks Linda and Naomi weren't jealous that Kate was asked to co-host over them hasn't met a woman, especially models!!!

hee hee hee linda no speak

hee hee hee linda no speak but eveybody speak for her


Why would Linda be jealous? She got the book cover. 10 years from now, no one is going to remember who hosted this show but the book will be sitting in libraries 50 years from now. And anyone who knows Linda knows she's rather not do something like hosting. And Naomi? Naomi and Kate are TIGHT. Now that I think about it, Linda and Kate are also still friends. To say women and models are all a bunch of jealous cats is stereotyping at its worst and detrimental to an industry that already gets a bad reputation.


WHOA!! So billionaire TopShop owner Sir Phillip Green was instrumental in Kate getting this gig? I tell you, it's sad to hear that this event has been tarnished with such news. It's really disgusting how money can effect even a supposed respectful and dignified event such as this one. God, it was bad enough hearing about Alaia.

Naomi and Stephanie were officially protesting on behalf of Alaia but Christy said she was involved in something else which prevented her from being present at the Gala. Linda has been silent. Of all people, I really expected Linda, who has lived and breathed and worshiped fashion for most of her life to be there, especially with her buddies and fellow DNAers- Amber, Shalom, Nadja, Kristen, Natalia, etc. present.

P.S.: Cathy Horyn is not

P.S.: Cathy Horyn is not untouchable. and YES, its safe to go back in the water!


Please Wayne, dont leave me out of breath! LOL
Im wondering which of those big bad supermodel babes will be in the final edit...
There´s a little something an avid reader of fashion blogs (specially MDC) i just have to say that people are REALLY expecting you to express your point of view on Anna´s comments on 'why not models but actresses' for Vogue covers...If last week she had only a handful of fans...shes got even less from today on. Snubbing the press? Dressing like a 70-year-old cocky French aristocrat? I think shes definitely not at the top of her game anymore! Im looking for a downfall right this minute. The ball was NICE, but it was supposed to be great, to solidify her position as THE fashion editor at the Conde Nast empire. Shes got a few cards, but she doesnt command the whole deck!
And P-L-E-A-S-E, 'Model As Muse' without Linda, Christy and Naomi????? I was deeply disappointed.

No Trinity, No Love!

I'm speechless at the turn out of this event. Anna Wintour stating she prefer Actresses over Models....How can the vehicle thats suppose to support and heighten the Supermodel turn on them? US Vogue is in bad need of a new fresh, vibrant, Model Loving Editor....Until then I'll stay devoted to French and Italian Vogue too bad I don't know french or italian! I'm so Saddened that Naomi, Stephanie and Christy didn't show up although I think Linda was most effected by Kates' hosting gig than any of them and thats why she was a no show! I'm very disappointed that I've been waiting for months on this event to unfold only to feel UNDERWHELMED! What do u call a Gala honoring Supermodels without the presense of the Trinity..........A Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me too! I've been anticipating that event for months. Then no Jerry Hall, Trinity, Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder, Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce&Gabbana, JPG etc.?! All I see in the red carpet were B-List celebrities that Anna Wintour goes gaga about! Later I realized that it was such a B-List event that I thank Jerry Hall, the Trinity, Stephanie and etc. for not attending. Stupid Anna Wintour! Didn't she realize that snubbing Alaia would piss off a lot of Supermodels?!

and "Linda being jealous of Kate that's why she didn't go" is so unbelievable. Come to think of it: Christy isn't coming. Naomi isn't coming. Meisel isn't coming. Alaia isn't coming. Photographers arent' coming. Gianni Versace is dead. What's there to support?

Taste is a dictatorship.

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