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Is it safe to go back in the water? Have all the mega-divas gone back into the deep ocean in their billionaire boyfriends big yachts? Are they docked at Cannes yet? TI has to say Monday morning's power play by those big bad girls is one for the record. Wait till the last minute, give the quotes to the untouchable Cathy Horyn via The Moment and effect a blue-chip boycott of an event they felt they should have been co-hosting en masse in the first place. Not that La Kate cared a toss. TI got the good hiss that Kate's hosting post was not just pure sentimentality...let's say Sir Phillip Green threw down handily to make all that happen. But what's Vogue to do next ? Seek reconciliation or brew a viscous revenge? TI suspects we'll be seeing a loooooooot more actresses on those Vogue cover from this point on ....And amongst today's flurry of unfounded rumors ...The Hiss Squad has spotted a few of those big bad supermodel babes re-enacting Peter Lindbergh's legendary 1991 motorcycle Chanel shoot. But it's not for Vogue but rather, Harper's Bazaar. TI is hiding under his blanket until the dust clears.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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