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SCOOP DU JOUR: WHY CHANEL AND SESSILLEE ARE ATWITTER AND BALMAIN's MICHAEL JACKSON MANIA that mysterious shoot in London that has Chanel and Sesillee twittering away about its ultra-fabulousness...TI's Hiss Squad London Chapter filled in the blanks for us...Jourdan was also there and Arlenis was there and it is indeed a cover moment....but we've been told its the sweep of the inside images that will have mag hags sprinting down to the newsstand. Steven Meisel has expressed in print his disappointment about the impact of the All-Black Vogue Italia last year but it seems these things have a delayed effect...And in other news..the London girls have double-confirmed that Balmian secret force Emmanuelle Alt is 100% obsessed with Michael Jackson..thus explaining Jacko in a Balmain blouse. Can you imagine the comeback tour with all costumes by...Balmain. Emmauelle would weep they say.


Wayne his name is JACKSON not "jacko" and you spelled MJ's first name wrong.

Hi Rushka

...and the very active army of assistants . Sorry bout that but I type faster than I sometimes spell. Big congrats on the gig as Michael Jackson's stylist. I got the note about you turning Michael onto the high fashion possibilities of Tom Ford and Balmain and I gather that you have some future treats in store for us. Directional Michael Jackson. We wait with bated breath !

Chanel and Sesillee

Hope you're right about the "delayed effect". Verrrry interesting!

But why Chanel and Arlenis??

I dont think they have been doing enough/anything ????

neither Sessilee and

neither Sessilee and Jourdan... just saying

Taste is a dictatorship.

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