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Paul and Chloe for a worthy cause. Image via purple-diary.comPaul and Chloe for a worthy cause. Image via

TI took a three day break because sometimes you need to input before outputting...and across the city from a long and langurous brunche to a couple of decadent dinners our Hiss Squad did us proud, providing scalding kettles of tea to go with every meal...While on the subject of putting out... TI wants to know which Modeling Super-Couple has splintered yet once again with one half of the duo successfully macking the other beauty's best mate on the set of that luxury ad campaign last week...Expect a punch-up at the wedding...Speaking of punches, what does one do with the scurrulous and unfounded allegation that Kate Moss is to be blamed for the recent shuttering of Beatrice Inn "Kate punched someone and it turned into a mellee and then they shut the whole thing down the following night" hissed our squadder to us. Now that's a powerful girl. Other sources say it was all that smoke and overcrowding driving the neighbours nuts....And if the sight of a certain bodacious babe returning to the editorial trail has you befuddled, then the news that said babe was one of the quartet of girls for that directional label 's FW 09 campaign is sure to launch deafening howls of protest. Or praise....But then again we've lived to see Lara Stone nestling with the rest on the cover of May's US Vogue a fact we "hissed" two months ago. We romp with the deepest of throats. Trust.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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