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Rie Rasmussen takes control of...the situation in Angel ARie Rasmussen takes control of...the situation in Angel A
“The only time I worked for Victoria’s Secret is because I, like everybody else, wanted to fuck a supermodel. And I did! And that was enough, for that one specific reason.”

Rie Rasmussen checking an interviewer who described her as a VS model.

Penciled in for next week on TI's calender..the return of one Rie Rasmussen, an eventuality I find to be very exciting. Because La Rie is never dull. Not that time when she brought her dog (that happened to be half wolf) and tuck it under the table at The Mercer during lunch. Last time I glimpsed her she was headlining Luc Besson's "Angel A." This time she blows back into town with a feature film of her own, the controversial "Human Zoo" which opened the Panorama section of the last Berlin Film Festival. I hear nerves were wrecked . "Human Zoo" has been described as "Bonnie and Clyde in Kosovo" TI can't wait for his advance DVD. Or to have another no-hold-barred conversation with La Rie. Cause she sure knows how to give good quotes.


Taste is a dictatorship.


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