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Get into the kaledescopic Katja Rahlwes experience at into the kaledescopic Katja Rahlwes experience at

"Anything that triggers you to take a picture is a creative and personal decision . That is the moment that you're saying, I need that . I need to see more of that. This is what I've been looking for and no one else could give it to me . That's what makes your work specific. That's how people can recognize your work."

Katja Rahlwes in a conversation with TI

I did it! I finally finished transcribing the 1hr 30min interview with Vogue Paris/Self-Service/ID Mag photographer Katja Rahlwes. The opus was recorded during the last NY Fashion Week and though I'll have to give it a severe edit before it premiers on MDC this week, I still think it is one of the most revealing conversations we have logged with a photographer. Interesting thing is I'm a Johnny-Come-Lately to the flash glam that is Katja's style...there I was assuming that hers is a breakthrough clocked in maybe the last five years. Ha! Katja Rahlwes has been refining her POV in fashion for almost 20 years now and I find that heartening. I love people who do what they do because they are dedicated to their process at their pace. From pioneering stylist for the early issues of Purple to her current perch as a glossy mag must book, its a great story. Stay tuned for it on MDC this week.

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