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Certain brands might be pulling back to a one girl ideal but Gucci ain't one of them. The Hiss Squad reports from London that 9 girls are being called up for duty for the team of Inez and Vinoodh. But who in the foreground and then in the background? Indoor looks or on-set drama? More dancing belles? Or will it be something more static and graphic. Place your bets on more-of-the same or a shift in visual brand making.

your idea

honestly what do u think about gucci ?
it seems to me that Frida Giannini is totally ruining the italian brand image, with cheap style, too many accessories, not subtle at all !!!!! just fashion for the sake of selling !!! that's lame and boring
ray from wherethelightsend

Frida Giannini=Tacky and Played out

Ray, you hit the nail on the head.
Thanks to Frida in my opinion and that of my friends working in the industry whom also happen to be high fashion lovers and consumers
Gucci has lost a lot of its appeal thanks to Frida Giannini. The designs scream tacky! Did you see those accessories with the 'tattoo style hearts and
flowers? Those look like she is trying to coping off Ed Hardy, which is someone a high fashion designer should never try to emulate. I have heard
from market insiders that Frida and Gucci heavily targetting the Russian market where her designs and where Gucci is selling very well, that could possibly
explain the in your face tacky designs.


yeah i know that the only possible reason is " commercial " !! thank god right !!
at least it's for the money !! but please Frida, admit it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rihanna was also a bad point !!!
after all the things Tom Ford brought, i believe it's a shame !! it's a shame for the customer as well
and for the fashion history !!
ps : and on the other side, u have designers like thom browne having money problems whereas his vision and aethete is truly pecualiar and singular !! and we have to promote this as a right but also as a duty !!
ray from

It's funny because I was

It's funny because I was just thinking about Hermes and their obviously Oriental-influenced ad campaigns which show exactly what they've been about for the last few years. Yet Hermes manages to find a way to get new customers from around the world (BRIC and all this evolving nouve riche crowd), still preserving it's uber-luxurious image. Hermes appeals to the new blooming party of those who want to get 'status for money' but it still appeals to those who understand that luxury is something more than having a logo canvas wrapped around your body and face. Getting Moscouvite folks to spend some cash doesn't mean you have to make your product look like a trashy rip-off of once celebrated design aesthetic. I'm not the one to praise Tom Ford era but what Frida does really raises some questions. Is there any innovation in what she produces (it's not even about creation anymore)? Is there anything new, provocative, anything to move things forward? Yes, there are lots of designers who actually style their collections, instead of designing them. At least there's some fresh air to what they do. What Frida does, well, it doesn't feel new, nor fresh. The Gucci pantsuit feels fine, but is it enough for a design house like this?

Taste is a dictatorship.

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