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In New York that Calvin exclusive has emerged as a major star-making platform (Irina K, Karlie Kloss, Toni Garrn Ali Stephens being Calvin XCL emeritus) .

Prada/Milan/Exclusive is a language all of its own and for two years now Balenciaga exclusivity has been a major Paris Fashion Week fetish. Well add Givenchy to that short list given the increasing power of that show and campaign in giving new girls maximum visibility. We'll be watching that runway very eagerly !

let me guess...

A Women/Supreme girl who's made no impact at all in NYC or Milan will show up at Givenchy and you'll hype her as the next big thing. Like Issa and Rosa Cordera were supposed to blow up.

I'm so happy to see...

a rival agent so deeply invested in the doings of their ex-employer. Please don't shed any tears for Rose or Issa. Still your obsessive whining makes for fantastic entertainment.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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