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Work through it through it...Its directional I know...keep workingWork through it through it...Its directional I know...keep working

TI exclusive first look kids!

Game...Set.. and Match to Miss Katie Grand . Will some pleeeeease fetch her that solid gold trophy!


I loved this picture. Yeah, it's airbrushed, and it's totally pop and cartoony, but it's a good move. Beautiful body, I might add. And for the person who said it, she's far from being morbidly obese.

Im glad to see that bitch

Im glad to see that bitch factor is still at level 11 over here in the comment section at Imagist.

Fat is the new punk.

Fat is the new punk, don't you guys get it? Ditto looks fantastic. Fabulous curves. Of course it's airbrushed, it's a cover! But she pulls it off incredibly well, right down to the pose of her hands.

You go girl, kudos to your

You go girl, kudos to your magazine, not all women are size 2!!!!!!!!!!
Luv Luv the curvy women

are you kidding me?

i'm all for being comfortable in your own skin, but this chick is MORBIDLY FUCKING OBESE. the health problems she will most likely face because of her obesity are neither something to be proud of, nor something to put on display for people to see and think are okay. it's not. it's unhealthy. it's dangerous.


I agree, being obese is not freaking funny at all nor good! my neighbor whos only 245 pounds, is now having a problem with his immune system, beth has got to stop promoting obesity!, cuz is not fucking good!


And anorexia's model and actress isn't unhealthy? It isn't dangerous? I thing Beth looks more natural...

in this case natural doesn't

in this case natural doesn't mean healthy. i just think it's ridiculous to celebrate this woman for coming up with a shape like this (and i'm pretty much sure there are other things she should be celebrated for). it's okay for her to look that way (everyone's up on his own at the end of the day), but it's not okay to say this is natural.
and if you ask me, i'd rather be size 0 myself than looking like that. figure out.

people like you are why

people like you are why there are so many wars and hate in the world.

some people are not skinny for various reasons. don't judge until you know.

don't hate, you'll only be hated yourself.

People are people and have

People are people and have the right to be just who they are. Maybe without the cursing your point might be taken more serious, just be nice.

keep it real...its the

keep it real...its the redefinition of glamour

real? am i supposed to think

real? am i supposed to think this garbage isn"t airbrushed


BRAVO...her make up looks flawless and i love her pose..nice tits girl

Love it!

This is soo BRILLIANT, kick ass cover.

Oh GOOD GOD I can't wait for

Oh GOOD GOD I can't wait for this!!!

love magazine launch

i went to the dover street market love magazine launch yesterday, met katie grand, and saw the magazine. its really good, the content is fantastic, i'll post photos soon

directional? no thought and

directional? no thought and boring . look at irving penn's portraits of large woman , this is a dumb comic strip

Have you seen the gossip

Have you seen the gossip play live?.... if you had.. you would understand why Beth is such an icon! ( i rave on about it a lot here

.... and directional!! yes ..i love the movement towards girls who are interesting in themselves, know who they are and have something to add to the mix rather than being interesting only in the way that clothes hang so well on a bumpless body?!

the move back to interesting internal mindscape COMBINED with an interesting and beautiful exterior is long needed (Toni Garrn spare me one more moment of her"look at me , i'm beautiful.. who needs more?" boringingness) ... and take a look at the current covers and contents of dazed, ID, Italian and French vogue as well to feel the shift!



Someone finally gets it.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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