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Rose Cordero bolts out the gate in the FW 09 sweepstakes: Polaroid by Paul RowlandRose Cordero bolts out the gate in the FW 09 sweepstakes: Polaroid by Paul Rowland

The month before shows is the most fun for me when editing at MDC. Why? Because I love watching the drama build around the incoming new faces. The flurry of emails flickering back and forth through the industry over Supreme's Rose Cordero right this minute is pretty damn dramatic and deservedly so. Here's an excerpt of the dialogue between Paul at Supreme and myself yesterday afternoon.

Me: She gives me fragile elegance and she gives me boy! The market needs her...a fab black girl who is totally old school YSL chiiiiiiiiiic

Paul: You hit the nail on the head.... She is dominican mami. The father is african and the mother Spanish....All i know is she's major!!!

I've had many a conversation with Paul about the issue of black models and Mr Rowland has always been forthright in his position. For seasons upon seasons he told me he was waiting for that powerful girl that fell into the Supreme belief system... which is basically super-sleek girls with an edge... cut with a dose of androgyny .

Searing eyes fixed on a fabulous future : Left Frame :Rose Right Frame: ImanSearing eyes fixed on a fabulous future : Left Frame :Rose Right Frame: Iman

When Rose's polas hit the in box, the first thing I assumed was that she was Somalian or Ethiopian. Though she looked nothing liked Iman this image sparked a memory in the dusty archives of my mind of a shot I had seen of the the young Iman. It is the rise of the hair overwhelming that fragile face, the long neck and then those painfully soulful eyes that match these two women for me.
I think that part of that mythology forged at Yves Saint Laurent by astounding models like Katoucha has been missing from the fashion archives in years. Rose to my eye is a brilliant opportunity to refresh that imagery.. that feeling that is parisienne couture ...that is extreme elegance... that is the girl gliding past you like a hallucination of beauty . More than that... more than Rose Cordero's couture lines... what really excites me about her is how electric her presence feels. There is that sweet Caribbean smile one minute and then when it is time for the picture, Rose just goes into place that is so serene and poetic you know she was born to model.
This young girl has been given a big break to a dream world and I'm feeling that flicker that when Rose Cordero is glossed and glistening under those inevitable runway and studio lights, she is going to devour that moment for all it is worth. I can't wait to see this exquisite face highlighted with world-class make-up gliding on those directional runways. On her Facebook page Rose dubs herself La Rosa de Negra (The Black Rose). Sit back and watch this rose bloom into something incredible.

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