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Rose Cordero bolts out the gate in the FW 09 sweepstakes: Polaroid by Paul RowlandRose Cordero bolts out the gate in the FW 09 sweepstakes: Polaroid by Paul Rowland

The month before shows is the most fun for me when editing at MDC. Why? Because I love watching the drama build around the incoming new faces. The flurry of emails flickering back and forth through the industry over Supreme's Rose Cordero right this minute is pretty damn dramatic and deservedly so. Here's an excerpt of the dialogue between Paul at Supreme and myself yesterday afternoon.

Me: She gives me fragile elegance and she gives me boy! The market needs her...a fab black girl who is totally old school YSL chiiiiiiiiiic

Paul: You hit the nail on the head.... She is dominican mami. The father is african and the mother Spanish....All i know is she's major!!!

I've had many a conversation with Paul about the issue of black models and Mr Rowland has always been forthright in his position. For seasons upon seasons he told me he was waiting for that powerful girl that fell into the Supreme belief system... which is basically super-sleek girls with an edge... cut with a dose of androgyny .

Searing eyes fixed on a fabulous future : Left Frame :Rose Right Frame: ImanSearing eyes fixed on a fabulous future : Left Frame :Rose Right Frame: Iman

When Rose's polas hit the in box, the first thing I assumed was that she was Somalian or Ethiopian. Though she looked nothing liked Iman this image sparked a memory in the dusty archives of my mind of a shot I had seen of the the young Iman. It is the rise of the hair overwhelming that fragile face, the long neck and then those painfully soulful eyes that match these two women for me.
I think that part of that mythology forged at Yves Saint Laurent by astounding models like Katoucha has been missing from the fashion archives in years. Rose to my eye is a brilliant opportunity to refresh that imagery.. that feeling that is parisienne couture ...that is extreme elegance... that is the girl gliding past you like a hallucination of beauty . More than that... more than Rose Cordero's couture lines... what really excites me about her is how electric her presence feels. There is that sweet Caribbean smile one minute and then when it is time for the picture, Rose just goes into place that is so serene and poetic you know she was born to model.
This young girl has been given a big break to a dream world and I'm feeling that flicker that when Rose Cordero is glossed and glistening under those inevitable runway and studio lights, she is going to devour that moment for all it is worth. I can't wait to see this exquisite face highlighted with world-class make-up gliding on those directional runways. On her Facebook page Rose dubs herself La Rosa de Negra (The Black Rose). Sit back and watch this rose bloom into something incredible.

her first campaign in DR

check her out here under "campaigns" for Adela Dore's SS09:

I shot her last weekend! Not

I shot her last weekend! Not only is she so beautiful, she is full of energy and life!

painfully soulful eyes? more

painfully soulful eyes? more like painfully dull but very proportionate eyes. which is a feature possessed by every other model past & present only that she has black skin & with (gasp) Supreme. people will lap it up even if you show them the face of a donkey and wax lyrical how 'major' they are, mostly cause they lack the visual interpretive skills themselves and are too easily sold by hype/marketing. if she gets big it will be due to the factors of her being with the namesake of supreme and with obama in office. a perfect, profitable opportunity for a token half/half black girl. fashion is the follower for followers.

what are you smokin......

you are obviously on crack and have nothing better to do but put others down and try to minimize the beauty of a beautiful young
girl....i wish we all were as forward thinking as you. you obviously, know everything and we know nothing.

......but i think you are a straight up asshole like a million others in this fukinn jaded buisness.

Rose Cordero....Lovely!

Rose Cordero....Lovely!


Well done Paul and to TI for documenting the start of the supernova career of 09 and beyond.

star in the making

Rose I am guessing is the translation for her name Rosa, like her name she is a beauty but more than just that there is a certain presence about her that is stunning and mysterious.
Like someone rightfully all ready mentioned its about time that Supreme welcomes the right color girl into its board. Regardless what some might think about Paul in a personal level,
professionally we must all respect the fact that he possess an extraordinary vision, talent, drive and motivation.

I can not stop looking at

I can not stop looking at this picture, I have not had such a visceral connection to model in such an emotional capacity, What I Love about this young Lady is her quiet beauty theres a sadness but its beautiful , theres an elegance its almost as if YSL came back from the dead and this is who he decided to come back as, a beautiful African Woman named Rose .. Thats whats great about Rose she gives you woman, not little girl, with the right Mgt, which it seems she has she will be tranforming the runways of our creative minds and Hearts. Im ready for the ride!

La Rosa de Negra

OMG Rose is just simply amazing. That polaroid says it all, (well done Mr Rowland) I cant stop looking at it. I cant stop looking at her. I want to print it and make it into a poster and frame it or even put it on a T shirt. Rose IMHO is the most divine human creation that I have seen in a while,she is so exciting that she gives me chills. OMG we are witnessing the birth of not a new star but a new solar system called Rose Cordero. I am lost for words- this girl is no way major-she is MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR!!! Rose is going to set a new standard. With no disrespect to other models,Rose Cordero is a name that wont fade after 3 seasons. Rose is here, now and forever.
History is being made!! I love it!!

She is stunning..

She is stunning. How appropriate that her name is Rose. You hit it on the head with the YSL couture vibe. Truly something special.

So proud of you!

OMG! i cant belive shes going that far already, love you girl keep going.


You mean, "LA ROSA NEGRA"? It's not LA ROSA DE NEGRA, LOL.


woo hoo. another Dominican in the house! keep them coming! This girl is proof that supreme shouldn't limit themselves to white models only!!!


.......for some reason i am compelled to go on record for this one.
i have had the privilege of working and serving some of the biggest names in fashion over the past twenty years...but if i am perfectly honest, since my first meeting with kate moss i haven`t felt so in "awe"of a girls beauty, presence,being,as now with la rosa negra!!!
some would say i have a sixth sense when it comes to girls. i "feel" their majorness while in their presence. it 's not even the beauty it`s the powerful,all encompassing energy of their being that overwhelms me.
when i first met rose i became very quiet and was trying to come to terms in my own mind how blessed i was that this "gift" fell into my hands. this girl is a benchmark in fashion for many reasons. trust me . i will do everything to make sure this girl goes down in history. there are many reasons i feel this way, but the main one being.....she deserves it.

paul rowland


Thank God she is being managed by you Paul!! (You go daddy!!) I love this sooo much. I have to say that we are on the verge of seeing a new goddess in the making-not just a passing trend,but a new GODDESS. ( I hate to use the word 'Brand' but she will evolve into one) I have never met her, but that polaroid says so much about how wonderfull she is-I see it in her eyes-I see it!!,i feel it soooooooo much for her.I taste it! Please do everything you can Paul as we need her and she is so above everything thats going on now-- I look at that polaroid and she is the second coming of Christ (no disrespect to other religions) in model terms. La Rosa de Negra is going to be a new dimension,she will be her own new genre-she is the BEST discovery in ages. The Black Rose is already blooming!!!
PAUL ROWLAND- you have one great eye dude. The Black Rose-shall f*cking Rise!!!!!
Thank you Paul.

Dude..Don't you ever get tired of sucking

Paul Rowland's dick. I mean really wayne!

Nasty comment

Save that hideous comment in the toilet in which you belong if you persist with it. TI is an amazing outlet for everything we love-Please dont post such nasty things. Dont be jealous. Be happy and just celebrate an industry we love. Paul Rowland is something very special and thank goodness we have him. I dont know the man,have never met him,never spoken with him but from what he achieved I am in love with what the man does-and has done. He (Paul) is a creator,an innovator,a risk taker and a bit of a rebel.
He is one that makes it happen. Thank F*CK for Paul and not 20 juniors all trying to be IMG wannabees!

Two Things..

First. this is not about you or me or Paul Rowland but about a lovely young girl who is worlds away from your bitterness and cynicism. Let her have her chance please.

Secondly it is not Paul Rowland's dick that drives to me to write what I write. It is his balls. Grow some yourself. You'll be a better man for it.

One Love

The Star makers!

Great that the negativiter (nasty person!) has run away and crawled back into the hole-such a boring person was she or he!
Is there any way that TI can do a major profile and interviews with Model Managers such as Paul Rowland,Michael Flutie,Francis Grill as well as others that helped create stars and who helped break the mold.
I think it would be amazing. As well as indepth interviews/ tributes to those that also have played a major part in the industry to include industry legends such as; Ivan Bart (IMG),Karen Lee (Elite), Jen Ramey (IMG),Jason Kanner (Major),MoniquePillard (Elite),David from DNA,Faith Kates (Next),Joel Wilkenfeld (Next),Neal Hamill (Elite),Katie Ford (Ford),Corrine Nicholas (Trump),as well as any others that you could think of. Just do a nice huge positive article on these great people,interview them -maybe sell it to the NY Times? Get Mert and Marcus to shoot a group shot, though Ivan will only do single girl stories I am told. (she's on hold with Steven).
Ask them where did they come from,how they become model managers,what would they do if Anna cxld a girl at the last minute and all that fabulous info.
Me thinks it would be a great read.
Do it.

Rose: who by any other name would still be sweet

As has been said before, this is one mythmaking in the making that feels right to me... the right girl, the right look and feel at the right time with the right agency...she WILL be huge no doubt about it... now it is up to the girl as to whether SHE can handle the pressure... a la Mc Neill.. the right girl with the right look at the right time, the industry backed her.. but she chose to slow the ride down with consequences that will be interesting to see, whether that prolongs or diminishes her career.... there's something subtle about Rose that the industry, the fashion public, myself, has been waiting for, I see it also in Selina Kahn.. but with less maturity... but give her time and a guiding hand also... great post Wayne... and Paul.. i like to believe that there is still a place of innocence, romance and dreams in the industry where this excitement comes from... not just the cynical manufacture of a new star....


...........THE BITCHES ARE COMING. but not coming hard enough for you mami.

peace out

Taste is a dictatorship.

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