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Miss Moss is on the boards at US Vogue for a very major cover moment built around the Met Costume Ball 2009 "Model As Muse" exhibit...Very logical no, given that La Kate is co-hosting? But the burning question is who will snap the proposed cover. Constant Kate collaborator or will we see a grand reunion of sorts? The Hiss Squad whispers certain legendary supermodels felt they should have gotten the call to co-host themselves, given the "Muse" theme . Which makes the list of model attendees already politically fascinating.

PS Why are we living five months ahead of the potential drama? Ah fashion.

kate is definatly on the may

kate is definatly on the may cover along with isabeli f. raquel z. natasha p. i think liya k. and a few new faces like jourdan or ann j. well atleast thats what i heard


Really? This doesn't sound right at all. No American models on the cover for this issue?


Kate doesn't have the cover.
Just one pic of her with Marc Jacobs.

It's only fitting it's the eternal Moss

Listen girlfriend, Kate IS Vogue, she is fashion she is eternal. It's only right that not only should she host but that the cover goes to the Divine Miss Moss.

Moss is an icon an eternal beacon to the spirit of fashion, the spirit of haute couture. She is God.

Nuff said. Girlfriend, buh bye-sie now, tell it to the hand. Mmm, hmm.



i would be pissed if i were a super with the kate/muse ordeal..

Kate Du Jour

Well, of course Kate got the host job and the Vogue cover. Drugs and a notorious lifestyle always is always more interesting to this sick world.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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