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It was a brutal week in the campaign sweepstakes with Madonna snatching LV from the supermodel contingent.

Well score one for the newbies however as The Hiss Squad whispers to TI that Miu-Miu after stints with the likes of Vanessa Paradis, Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan looks set to conscript some models for its SS 09 campaign. Hey fashion is change no?


People are saying it's Katie Holmes....barf....

well hopefully if it is

well hopefully if it is her... its dawsons creek, youthful fresh katie rather than sad sick robot katie... i love miu-miu and I think it should be young and playful...

What the hell use are these

What the hell use are these posts when you just hint at something without telling us the entire story? Just to show off that you know something we don't? Thats high school stuff.


Don't read the posts if they annoy you....some of us appreciate the fine art of hiss...

thats not fair TI could have

thats not fair TI could have given us no information at all but instead he decided to share what he can with us

art of hiss?? informative?

this is hardly artful, informative or useful. We still have to wait a few months to see who the models are, so in the end he has told us absolutely nothing. Why not also tell us that in the 2020, there will be a new girl fronting Prada's campaign, but we'll just to wait til then before we find out who it is?

How much did you pay for your free tea again?

May I offer you a Valium? Cause it ain't that serious. TI is not for you . It's for the kids that get the game. We'll continue to hiss our way and you can feel free to leave. The party will go on without you.


TI, you have a beautiful

TI, you have a beautiful rhetoric on top of all of your other skills! :)
love the blog, love the game, love the Imagist.

models back

hate those boring celebrities which need days of post production....enough!

about time!

Thank god they get back to models bc for a minute they where looking tired with all those celebs campaign after campaign.
I hope they have chosen some interesting faces

Miu Miu is a "CELEBRITY"

Models will be the ....... accessories.

it is definately a celebrity

it is definately a celebrity

celebs make them look desperate

In my opinion (I am sure others share it too) celebs make brands look desperate for recognition and very commercial which is the two things that Miu Miu doesn't need if they still want to appeal to their fashion forward customer which are a major chunk of their business. Bring on the cool and sans personal baggage models please!


i heard the same thing, models will be the accessories.

what does that mean

models = the accessories. Am I the only one lost here?


I'm the original poster and i was in a hurry not to mention frustrated- so "accessories" = background, secondary, whatever.
It is pretty funny, TI, to see how other websites are saying models will be the "accessories"...

it means they will only be

it means they will only be there to complement the celebrity in the ad.

it IS Katie Holmes.

it IS Katie Holmes.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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